The Masters (Part 1)Mature

The buzz of the bar droned on in the background, Thad watched the condensation of his cup to dip down the side and collect on the wood of the bar. A man was cleaning an already shiny cup behind the bar, Thad looked in the general direction the barman was looking through the corner of his eye. He groaned to himself, and focused back on his drink, hunching his shoulders.

"Hey hun." A feminine voice purred behind Thad, he felt a hand run across his shoulder and the woman put her chin on his other one. She ran a finger across Thad's chin, tickling the stubble,

"What do you want Therse?" Thad growled taking a swig of his drink and shrugging Therse off him. He chucked a couple of Brill's on the table and set off towards the door. Therse walked along side him and linked her arms with him, clinging on tight. Thad glanced down, Therse had brilliant red hair that sat in curls that fell to her shoulders, her skin was silky smooth and free of blemishes. She had large brown eyes that sparkled in the sun and full rosy lips. Her figure was one that any woman would envy, with a bosom that would invite any man towards her, her dress showed off as much skin that was allowed.

"The masters are gathering for a meeting." She breathed under her breath in a serious tone before saying more loudly.

"I'm here to ask you if you want to join me for a bit of fun?" She said bumping her hips against Thad's.

"And like I always say, no thank you." Therse frowned and breathed,

"It's important, you don't have a choice this time. We're meeting in the 'Graveyard'"

Therse pouted and snorted, she let go of Thad and sauntered over to the nearest bar, within a snap of a finger she was walking away, holding dearly to another man who was smiling with lust.

"They never change." Thad said, Therse was the only one who knew Thad was the Assassin Master and he was the only one who knew she was in turn the Prostitute Master.  The Graveyard was a small room that resided under the castle, what better way to taunt the King then to sit right under his dirty throne?

Thad pulled his cloak around him and lifted the hood, he walked into a seemingly ordinary shop, nothing special, a place that sold herbs in fact. He walked up to the counter and a fat, greasy man came toward him. A scowl was etched on his face,

"I'm sorry. We don't allow beg-" He was cut short as Thad slammed a dagger into the counter leaving the hilt sitting up right and the blade tip and inch into the worn oak counter. The greasy man glanced around the shop, making sure no one was there, he lifted the counter a motioned for Thad to go through. Thad walked into a small office and waited for the man to come in, the man was sweating, wring his hands together.

"Which master would you be sir?" Thad growled and the man yelped,

"It part of protocol sir!" Thad snorted and replied

"The Assassin Master has come. Our Ghost's shall tremble and the Devil shall fear our arrival into hell." He made his voice lower as to make sure that the man couldn't work out who he was. The man gulped to himself and took a step back, nodding.

"Uh... Yes. I'm sorry we haven't seen you before Sir. You never have come to any meetings before, why now?" Thad pulled the hood down futher and said,

"A rat should not stick his nose into places it don't belong less he wants to find him self on a chopping board." The man opened his mouth to snap back that Thad couldn't threaten him but Thad was quicker.

"Just thought you would like to know in case you have problems with rats." He said tipping him head to the side slightly.

"Ah... um... yes of course" The man said. He began to push his desk across the floor and then walked over the bookshelf, he ran his fat fingers across the spines of books until he came across the one he wanted. He pulled it out and Thad heard gear grinding together, he glanced back at the floor and in it's place stood a stair case, Thad moved down the steps and heard the gears grind again and the floor click back into place.

Thad moved in utter darkness down the tunnel, gradually his eyes became used to the lack of light and he was able to make out the basic shape of the tunnel.

The End

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