"Don't worry LouLou, I'll be right back to save you!" Lizard whispered, taking note of the window behind LouLou, "Just stay right here."

The room was on the second story of the building, so there was no way Lizard and LouLou could just jump out and run. So Lizard had to go find some rope or something to climb out. LouLou, although still looking quite scared, nodded and lay down on the near-by bed.

Lizard left the room and crept down the hallway. There must be rope somewhere! He thought to himself. Then he came up to another door, gotta hurry, he thought. He opened the door and found the room happily empty. There was a bed in the middle of the room and this one, unlike the one in LouLou's room, had a sheet and several blankets on it. Lizard took them all and ran down the hall with them; knotting them together as he ran. When he got to LouLou's room, he threw them out the window, leaving one end tied to the windowsill.

"Come on LouLou," he said. When he didn't get an answer he turned around, "I said co-" there was LouLou, tightly held in the warden's grasp. Looking as frightened as ever, but unable to speak due to the placement of the warden's hand over her mouth.

"Let her go!" Lizard screamed. A knife materializing in his hands. He would have killed the warden then and there if he hadn't been holding LouLou, messing up his aim.

The warden smiled. "You, want to try that boy?" he asked, brandishing LouLou like a shield.

Lizard just growled and crouched low, ready to spring the second the warden's attention was distracted. Luckily for Lizard, the clerk barged through the door at just that second; completely distracting the warden. Lizard took his chance and lunged at the warden, stabbing him in the chest, burying the knife up to the hilt. Lizard grabbed LouLou, pulled the knife out, and ran out the door, pushing the clerk aside.The warden just stood there, looking at his chest as blood flowed freely from the wound. The clerk saw it and screamed.

"Oh, shut up lady," The warden said, "I'm not going to die, just call in a doctor."

Meanwhile, Lizard and LouLou ran through the streets, desperately hoping that no one would chase them. Lizard knew he hadn't killed the warden, and he would probably have to pay for that one day. But for now, he just needed to find a place for LouLou and himself to stay.

There was nothing for it, Lizard took LouLou back to the bridge where they had stayed before they had joined Claw's gang. Once they got there Lizard finally allowed LouLou and himself to stop running and take a rest. The bridge was just like he remembered it: Broken boards everywhere, the river's sluggish, stinking flow was clotted with sewage. The smell was almost unbearable; but there just wasn't anywhere else to go that provided any shelter at all. At least the bridge would hide them from the passing glance of a stranger; and the smell would keep away most potential thieves.

When Lizard's inspection took him back to LouLou, he realized that she still looked very scared, her beautiful green eyes were fixed on him, her eyebrows scrunched up in fear. Her lower lip was wobbling like she was about to cry. Lizard just couldn't take it; he went to her and enfolded her in his arms. He didn't ever want to let go of her.

"I'm so sorry LouLou! I promise I won't ever let anything like that ever happen to you again. Will you please forgive me?" he asked.

LouLou nodded and buried her head in his chest, wrapping her skinny little arms around him. Lizard could feel the poor girl's ribs jutting out against his chest. He really had to provide more food for LouLou, but how? No one would hire a poor beggar boy as an apprentice. Lizard just had to find Thad and make him accept him as an apprentice. Tomorrow, Lizard decided as he laid LouLou down on the ground and then lie down beside her to sleep; putting a protective arm around her.

The End

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