"Oh yes, I'll be right back." The clerk said. She rose silently and left the room.

Lizard sank to his knees, and clapped his hands together in a silent prayer. Please... let her be here. Please. I swear LouLou... I'll do anything.

Then he felt it, emotions he didnt often feel. Hurt, pain, desperation... love.

In the space of a few seconds, everything had changed. He stood up abruptly and strode over to the desk. He slammed his hand down on the bell impatiently.

"How long does it take??" He shouted, anger was welling up inside him. Claw... he had to get Claw. He'd taken LouLou and sent her to this... to this... awful place. LouLou wasn't like this, she was better. She deserved better.

"Jeez, calm down son. You'll get her soon, the warden is just gettin' her." The clerk waltzed in, "and by the looks of you she'll be back in five minutes anyway." she muttered under her breath.

Lizard didn't care, he just wanted LouLou back. He'd let her down too many times.. never again.

A burly man came out, a small girl followed him.

"THATS NOT LOULOU!!" Lizard shouted, anger and passion laced every word. "WHERE THE HECK IS LOULOU!"

"Oh you mean the new one... boss ain't letting her out yet... gonn' have to wait a few days." The clerk replied, boredem etched across her face. "And that'll be 20 for that youn' lass." her eyes travelled to the skinny blonde that had crossed over too Lizard.

"No," he spat at the clerk, "I want LouLou." She looked at him, puzzled.

"Why? She ain't even the best lookin'..."  That was it, she'd crossed the line. Lizard sprang towards her and slapped her hard. She stumbled back, a look of shock passed over her face. Then fury.

"What you think you doin'? I told you, you can't have that scrawny lil-" Lizard pushed her out the way and ran into the door the Warden had just retreated back into.

Heavy footsteps echoed up the long corridor that Lizard was faced with. The warden. Lizard pushed against the wall, using a technique his father had shown him when he'd been alive.

Make yourself as small and dark as possible...

He crouched in a ball and kept his head down.

"Whats goin' on ere?" The warden boomed as he ran into the reception. That was Lizard's chance, he sprung up and ran down the corridor.

Thats when he saw her... he hair was messed up and her eyes looked big and scared.


There was his LouLou.

The End

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