Where did he go?

Thad couldn't have gone far! Lizard had to find him! He had to get an apprenticeship to help pay off his debt and care for LouLou. He even checked the Pubs! Lizard never went into pubs; not ever. When he had been around ten, he had ventured into a pub. By the time he came out, he had been covered from head to toe in bruises. Lizard was never able to completely recover mentally from that ordeal.

As Lizard came up to the first tavern, the sign above the door read The Dog and the Fiddle. Rowdy music and light spilled through the cracks in the door along with the smell of spilt beer, old food, and the odor of many sweaty bodies packed in one place. As he prepared to enter Lizard gathered his courage up about him.

Just think about LouLou, this is for her

Lizard pushed his way in. No body paid him much attention, after all he was just a scruffy little boy. He did get a few winks  from some of the waitresses, but other than that no one bothered him.

Lizard went strait up to the bartender, a short, balding man in his middle ages. He looked like a nice enough man, there were laugh lines all around his mouth an eyes.

"Have you seen Thad recently?" Lizard asked.

"I'm sorry boy, he hasn't been here for several days; try looking for him at The Scarlet Ox."

Lizard made his way quickly out of the pub and down the street. On his way to The Scarlet Ox. He gathered his courage at the big, red, revolving door and finally entered. The bartender told him that no, he had not seen Thad today and he was sorry.

After a long and frightening day of searching through pubs and the rest of the city, Lizard finally started to trudge back to the old mill. On his way back he thought he saw some people carrying the still form of LouLou into a brothel, he was about to chase them when he thought, "No, it couldn't be LouLou, not even claw is that dirty, is he?"  All Lizard wanted to do was tuck LouLou in and then go to sleep. Lizard ran, worrying the whole way back to the old mill.

"WHAT DID THEY DO TO LOULOU?!" Lizard screamed at Doll Face.

"I-I don't know," she stuttered, "they just took her, I heard Claw mutter something about a brothel, but that's all I know! Honest!"

Lizard tore out of the mill, running as fast as he could possibly go. THAT HAD BEEN LOULOU! How could he fail her like that? If he ever got LouLou back, Lizard promised himself he would never let her out of his sight again. He ran up to the brothel doors, breathing very heavily. After he caught his breath, he walked in.

"I want the youngest you have please." He told the clerk.

The End

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