The assassin watched as the boy knocked out his Ghost, Thad pulled the cloak tighter around him and put the hood up. He stepped out of the shadows as the boy left the alley, he noted how the boy had left some of his money with the attempted mugger. He clicked his tongue and said,

"So there are still good people in the God forsaken world?"

Thad didn't have time to muse over that instead he stepped towards the man, a knife appeared out of no where in his hand. The assassin made sure that the blade didn't touch his skin, he looked at the blade and saw how the edges were becoming blunt from the poison. Thad knelt down and stabbed the man in the side, making sure not to spill any blood. His last Ghost had required him to spill blood which Thad felt disgusted at what he had to do then but he knew he was being watched when he did that assignment.

He watched as the man's face turned a pasty colour and knew the deed had been completed. He whispered,

"We shall not meet again for you shall sit in heaven while I go to dance with the Devil"

The next thing Thad did was search for the purse, he slipped it into his cloak and crouched down looking like a completely different person. No longer a tall intimidating man but a lowly beggar who had a deformity. The assassin made his way towards the windmill that the boy had gone to.

Thad watched in amusement as he saw the leader of the Black Tigers, known as Claw, pick on the boy he was here to find. Claw needed his crony's to back him up,

"Hey, Lizard! Yeah I'm talking to you!" Thad noted how Claw had a dagger at his hip from where the assassin sat, on the beam above the group of kids. Thad decided he might as well get this over with and give the boy, or Lizard as he seemed to be called, his money back.

"You owe us money-" Claw stopped as a figure dropped down from the beams in between Lizard and Claw. It was in humanly possible to do that without breaking both your legs... if luck was with you.

"Who are you?!" Claw said in surprise but Thad ignored him, instead he turned towards Lizard and chucked the purse towards the boy, something seemed familiar about the Kid's appearance but he brushed it off saying,

"Here Kid, this should help with the debt's" Lizard glanced at the purse and back up at Thad who had his hood up still, covering his face in pitiless shadow's.

"Don't ignore me you Bastard!" Claw yelled, reaching his hand down to grab his knife but his knife was no longer there, instead the assassin was spinning it on the tip of a black gloved hand,

"Sorry. Were you looking for this?" Claw stepped forward. Thad threw the knife and it grazed Claw's cheek, it landed in one of the wooden beams that ran across the wall. It wobbled slightly from the strength of the throw, someone stepped out of the shadow's that was next to the knife and said,

"It's like you were trying to hit me Thad?" The guild kids all gasped as they heard Thad and started whispering,

"It can't be THE Thad?"

"The assassin who say he's going to dance with the Devil?"

Thad sighed and cursed,

"Damn it! I missed." The other man smiled wryly, pulling down his hood to show a face that was deformed by numerous scars,

"Ah! So it's you Joey?" Joey grinned lob sided and replied,

"Hey, Thad I've got a new Ghost. Want o know who?"

"Not really but you're going to tell me anyway right?"

"It's you, you pompous idiot!" Joey yelled his face turning red, he flicked his hand and a throwing knife appeared in his palm.

Thad tugged his hand back and the knife that had landed in the wood tugged free and stabbed Joey in the back. Joey looked down, his eye's going wide,

"How..." His body collapsed heavily on the floor, blood trickling from the wound and eyes still wide open.

"And so let us meet in hell while I dance with the Devil" Thad said, walking towards the now dead assassin and looking through his cloak for the piece of paper that contained the information on the person who had sent Joey to kill him.

The assassin heard someone approach behind me and spun round holding a knife at their throat. He saw Lizard standing in front of him,

"What do you want kid?" Thad growled harshly, Lizard flickered his eye's down to the blade.

"I want you to make me you're apprentice." Thad was taken aback but quickly recovered his cool look and said,

"No chance kid. There's no way I'm making you my apprentice. Why don't you go and become the apprentice of a Baker or Blacksmith?" Thad stepped back into the shadow and disappeared from the room. Lizard headed towards the door but the assassin was already long gone. 

The End

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