On the JobMature

     "What is wrong with me? Why did I do that?" Lizard thought.
     Lizard had no idea why that had happened, but he knew one thing...that couldn't happen again. If it did, people might take it as a sign of weakness, and that never ends up well for the perceived weakling. If Lizard died then who would take care of LouLou? No, he wouldn't let it happen again, or at least he couldn't let anyone know it was happening when it did happen.
     Once he had gotten a hold of himself, Lizard left his room. Doll Face was gone...good. As he passed LouLou again he felt another pang of anger. How dare Claw do that to her? She is only ten! He shook his head and walked up to LouLou's sleeping form. The damage didn't look too bad.
     He kissed her on the forehead, "Sleep tight," Lizard whispered.
     Then he left the building to go find some money or food to keep LouLou and him alive for one more day. He hated stealing, but sometimes there just isn't any other choice.
     As he made his way down the crowded roads, brushing up against people, and feeling their pockets without them noticing. He took a copper here, a silver there. He didn't want to be the reason someone else had to revert to this life, so he never took more than he thought the person could afford. So if they were well dressed or had a lot of money in their purses then they might find they lost more than if they had been poorly dressed with little or no money in their purses. One time he even stumbled on a merchant who had at least twenty silvers as well as several golds in his pouch! What a find! That merchant was obviously new to this city, because no one who had walked these streets would walk around with that much money in a purse that was so visible! Lizard took three silvers from that man; just that was enough to feed LouLou and himself for over four days! But sadly it was going to have to go toward paying off his debt.
     Once Lizard had gathered enough to pay the "rent" for LouLou's bed and his, as well as enough for a couple nights' worth of dinners, he headed back for the old mill. As he made his way there through the crowds of people something hit him hard in the stomach, sending him sprawling. Pain raced through his nerves. Despite that however, Lizard rolled backwards, ending up in a defensive crouch. There was a big man right in front of him, brandishing a club. He was tall, and very muscular. His face was full of wrinkles, it was probably because he was continually frowning. His hair was jet black with flecks of gray here and there. But his most prominent feature was his big, bushy mustache.

"Give me all your money kid." He stated simply, raising his club threateningly.

     A knife appeared in Lizards hands, seemingly out of nowhere. He rolled to the man's side and then behind him, before he could react. He quickly flipped the knife so that the handle was facing up, and then hit the man over the head as hard as he  could. He fell like a log, crashing down to the ground, causing people to stop and stare, then quickly hurry past as they realized what was going on. Lizard reached into the man's pocket's to take his money, after all the man had just tried to rob him! So he deserved it, right? Then he took a closer look at the man's face, those wrinkles weren't caused by frowning, they were going in the wrong direction, they were laugh lines. This man didn't look like he was a mean person, just fallen on hard times. "He probably has a family out there to feed," Lizard thought. He out back the few coppers the man had then, albeit grudgingly, he took out one of his precious silvers, worth a little more than two loaves of bread, and put it into the man's pocket along with his coppers. 

     After dragging the man over to a dark alley where other thieves wouldn't find him and take what little the man had, Lizard again started off on his way back to the old mill. On his way there, he stopped at a bakery, the smells of fresh bread filling his nostrils. He bought one fresh loaf and hid it under his shabby tunic. Then he scurried off toward home and LouLou.

     When he got to the rackety old door, went through the entrance "ceremony" and got in to see LouLou. She had just woken up, and was still sleepy. "Hey there LouLou, I got us some breakfast," Lizard said, seating himself next to her and pulling out the fresh loaf of bread. A bright smile broke out on LouLou's face, it had been a while since Lizard had been able to afford a fresh loaf of bread instead of a stale one.  It always made Lizard happy to see LouLou so cheerful. After they had eaten a couple slices Lizard went to a dark corner of the mill, counted the boards on the wall; seven left, four up from the corner of the floor. he pulled it out to reveal a small collection of items and carefully wrapped foodstuffs. He took one of the oil cloths there and wrapped the bread in it. After putting the bread in his storage hole, he carefully replaced the board, and returned to LouLou.

     "Hey, Lizard! Yeah I'm talking to you!" Uh-oh, it was the boss.

The End

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