Cat and mouse.Mature

"Her," The short, slightly balding man said pointing at a burnt portrait. "I want her...  I want her gone. As soon as possible. I don't care how you do it, and how much it costs... just get her away from me" He clapped together his sweaty hands; so many things could go wrong... so many things... 

"Yes sir, of course. It will cost you dearly though." The mysterious man replied, his accent was thick, as was the smell of ale that lingered around him. He raised his eyebrows at his newest 'client.' Short, fat and bald. No wonder his wife had run off with another man.

"Well... I'll pay anything. She humiliated me, wives like her deserve to be... gone. I loved her once, but no more. She deserves whatever is coming to her. What did you say your name was again?"

"I didn't say my name Sir. But it is Thad. Now, I think it is best that you leave. Your wife won't stay in this filthy city for long." Thad replied, dismissing the man with a wave of his hand. "She will be gone by tomorrow morning, and I expect my payment and a crate of ale outside the chosen meeting place tomorrow at noon."

The other man stumbled out; glad that the encounter was over and that finally he could get his cheating wife away from him, and leave their scandalous marriage.


24 almond street, 3 blocks away. He would be there in no time, finish the deed and retreat back to his tall mug of ale.

Footsteps, he swung into a corner. An air of mystery was vital, without it the chase was just no fun. The footsteps sounded away, and he went back onto the cobbled street. Many smells hung in the air; sweat, salt, but mostly fear.

Thad grinned, fear surrounded him, and he knew why. He was the reason. He knew many people trembled, wondering who would be his next victim.

He used t0 just stick knives into his victims as they walked past, like a traditional assassin. Now he found it more fun to play with their poor doomed souls. Just like a cat toying with its mouse before its ultimate death.

He was there, outside the door. Darkness surrounded him, but he was used to it. He could faintly make out a derelict building. The once bright yellow paint was now faded and peeling, and the flowers growing on the windowpane had died long ago. This building was the perfect setting for a perfect murder.

Slowly, Thad reached out and rapped on the brass knocker. He could taste the fear. Everyone knew that if you got a knock on the door in the middle of the night, you were doomed. The door swung open slowly, and a young woman's face peered out. She was beautiful, auburn hair fell dramatically down her shoulders and her eyes were big and emerald green. Such a waste. Oh well, everyone in this kingdom knew cheating was not acceptable, whatever your beauty.

Her face fell as she saw Thad's distinguished features looming over her. The moon shone behind him, illuminating the scar that slashed across his face. She slammed the door, and ran upstairs.

This always happens... they always try to run. Oh well, this has to be the best bit. The chase.

He kicked down the door, and began to climb the stairs emphasising each step. He reached the landing, a mischievous smile played on his lips. Where was his little mousey? Kicking down all the doors he discovered something, that she wasn't alone. Men's clothes were scattered everywhere. 2 for 1... this could be interesting.

There was one room left, at the end. He used all the leg muscles he had, and kicked down the door. Inside his prey and her new boyfriend were sat praying.

"Please God... Please God... Please God..." She muttered, then she saw him. All colour drained from her face. "No. No.. No... Please..." She gasped.

"You hurt her," the lover said, trying to loom over the intruder, "you hurt me." he stared at Thad, trying to intimidate him.

Stupid commoner.

A single hand movement, a single flick of Thad's hand, and a knife was through the lover's chest. He fell to the ground, with a final sigh.

"Now for you... don't try to run, you won't make it. Oh and don't try to scream, I'll just make your death slower." Thad warned her, making direct eye contact with her. She backed into the wall, there was nowhere to go now.

He advanced towards her, knife in hand. Her lovers blood soaked it, a final trace of the love they'd shared. Panic and fury overwhelmed her, and she grabbed a china plate balanced on the window and threw it at Thad. It smashed into a thousand pieces on his neck, and he fell to the ground. She ran to the door, relief flooded her broken heart.

Thad saw her coming, and grabbed her leg. One strike through her leg, another through her heart.

She slowly died next to the lover she gave her life for.

The End

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