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"God damn it boy watch where you're going!"

The man made a sluggish attempt to kick the boy who had been trying to steal his money moments ago. The boy scrambled away, darting between the crowded bodies that clogged to narrow streets. The man didn't give chase instead he raised a fist, letting loose a long chain of curses, before stumbling into the crowd. A dark alley stretched before the boy, as he slowed down to a trot, turning down another alley and walking up toward a run down mill. As he drew closer the over powering smell of urine and puke rose to bombard his nose, he walked up to the rackety old door that was the only security of the place, apart from the back door. He raised a  fist and knocked three times then paused and then knocked once and kicked the door. A latch could be heard being lifted as the door swung open to display a broad shouldered youth barring the way.

"Yo, Ho! How's it going Lizard? Got yer payment for me?" He asked in a husky voice that suggested he had gone with the boss on one of his 'trips'. He stood in the doorway, casually leaning one arm on the door frame and the other gripped the actual door. His straw blond hair stuck up all over the place and a scar ran down the length of one cheek, giving the presence of a man who knew how to use the muscle that he held he was around fifteen. The boy identified as 'Lizard' just looked up and frowned, he looked about fourteen, with black hair that was clumped together with mud, his face looked young but caution was conveyed through his stance, he also had ice blue eyes, he was very handsome and didn't look like he should be living on the streets. Lizard had trousers that were two sizes too big and held up with rope around the waist and a tunic that covered most of Lizard's body.

"Felix, you know that I don't pay yer stupid payments and yer shouldn't be drunk on duty. Even I could knock yer out." Lizard said as he tried to squeeze through the door way. The boy known as Felix lifted Lizard by his tunic and pulled him up to his eyesight. Leaving Lizard dangling in the air, being that close Lizard could smell the stench of beer and various herbs on the boys breath, one of which Lizard could tell was poisonous if taken repeatedly. Lizard scrunched up his nose from the stench, Felix squinted at him and opened his mouth to say something but the voice that same out was not his own.

"Felix! Put Lizard down right now, you lard-head of a guard." Felix glanced over his shoulder and put Lizard down.

"I weren't gonna do nuthin' to the little squirt" Felix moaned as he moved to let Lizard past. Lizard snorted as he maneuvered his way through the doorway. Once inside he saw the person who had spoken, it was a girl around the same age as Lizard who had spoken. She had a face that was perfect in every sense and a body that a man would do anything for with luscious curves in the right places already. She had blond hair that fell straight down her back. Her arms were crossed under her bosom as she looked down at Lizard, who was quite tall for his age. Lizard just glared at her, daring her to say something to him. She narrowed her eyes further, they stood there for a few minuets before the girl nodded, as if satisfied and said.

"Why Lizard your as unsightly as usual!" She snorted,

"Likewise, Doll Face." Lizard replied, emphasizing the 'Doll Face'.

Doll Face glared harder at Lizard and then looked over his shoulder at Felix who was trying to shrink back into the shadows.

"Felix go and find Claw" She barked,

"But, Doll Face, Claw is in one of his moods. I don't want to-" She cut Felix off with a glare, he gulped and slipped out the door muttering something about the dirty whore.

Doll Face stood frowning at the door until Lizard coughed, she turned her needle pointed eyes on Lizard who looked coolly back at her. She sighed before walking into another room, Lizard followed behind and they went past a dozen other children sprawled on the floor, random bits of bedding and straw scattered around them. Lizard noted how LouLou was sleeping soundly in the space that he used, the poor kid looked like she had taken a rough beating from the boss man today. Lizard felt the anger rise up to his throat to the point where he felt like he was going to choke. Why should a ten year old girl have to get stuck in a dump like this with a boss who raised the price of staying in the guild whenever he felt like it.

"Oi! Lizard are you listening to me?!" Doll Face had stopped at the back door and now stood glaring harder at Lizard. Lizard just stared back before stating,

"Well, since every time I come here you have the same rant at me I guess I don't need to listen any more. Right?" Doll Face came closer enough for Lizard to see every eyelash that Doll Face had, she raised a hand as if to slap him, but instead straightened up and waved her hand as if to dismiss the matter.

"Well maybe you should listen for once, or at least pretend to. You know his never going to take you as an apprentice, it's never happened before and I don't think that he'll give his secrets away to a kid like you" Lizard frowned at kid and Doll Face said, "Well you are!"

Lizard got a cold look on his face and in a steely voice whispered, "I do not know what you're talking about"

"Oh come off it Lizard! I'm talking about you trying to get  Thad Raust to make you his apprentice! I mean everyone knows his the best Assassin in the city, wait no, scratch that, in the world! And everyone also knows that he has never had an apprentice, and anyone who tries is always found in the river a day later. Think about LouLou? Who would be there to protect her if you end up in the river, eh?"

Lizard made a growling noise at the back of his voice before saying, "Do you really think I want to kill people?! Do you not think I know the risks?! I'm doing this for LouLou! I'm doing it so that I can protect her and not come back to this dump to find more fucking bruises on her!"

Doll Face actually took a step back from the venom that leaked through Lizard's voice. Her eyes widening before she said quickly, "Okay Lizard your right just calm down."

Lizard closed his eyes turning his face away, trying to control the anger that boiled inside him. His hand twitched before he was able to master the anger, a wave of dizziness came over him and he stumbled forward to be caught by Doll Face. Lizard pushed himself away from her saying, "I'm Fine it's nothing."

Doll Face turned his head towards her and made him look into her eyes, "Lizard, what was that right now? What did you do?"

Lizard shook her off, pushing his way past her to the door, "It was nothing, nothing happened. Just forget it"

The door slammed shut behind him, leaving Doll Face wondering about what had just occurred. On the other side of the door Lizard leaned on the wall sliding down and putting a shaking hand to his head, eyes wide open with a look of fear in his eyes.
"What did just happen?"

The End

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