The InitiationMature

An urban tale of a battle between two of the most deadly killers in all of history. The Creed of Assassins vs. the Order of Mages. If you think you know who will win, you're jumping the gun. Both societies have survived the ages, and now do battle in the 21st century. In the midst of our daily lives, will we be a casualty of their feud, or will we not see them before our very eyes?

Each chapter will be seen through the eyes of Drerius the Assassin or Azai the Mage. You will be deeply engaged

     Crouching on a ledge of the old bank three stories high Drerius scanned the city with an eagle's eye. The city below seemed dormant from any suspicious activity. Cars sped by, people bustled past each other occasionally cursing one another out of anger, and the air was thick with motor oil and hot dogs.
     the deadly shadow knew not to move a muscle, for even a shallow breath could be his undoing, costing him the kill, and possibly his life. As silent a killer the Creed had trained him to be, Drerius was well aware that his foe was just as adverse as he. His equal. One people who could be extremely capable of posing a viable threat to his normally intangible life force. A Mage...
     Without warning a solar-flare of light blinded the assassin and he dropped from the perch into a free fall placing his hands at his sides to increase his downward velocity.
"Damnit, he blinked," he grunted. Drerius effortlessly rotated his body to be level with the ground before landing surprisingly soft for the height in which he dropped.


The End

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