“That abomination touched me. I must kill it.” Bell said to herself as she jumped from foe to foe. A laser shot across her cheek and cut her in the process. Bell threw a knife and it lodged in the mans head. Bell was smacked across the ship and into the captains quarters by the werewolf. Bell quickly threw a dart at the captain and he was dead seconds afterwards. The werewolf broke through the wall chasing after bell. Bell threw down a smoke bomb and hid above the chandelier. After a while the smoke cleared away and the werewolf was no where to be seen.


    A cannon ball shot through the cabin and opened a hole in the wall in which Bell escaped through. She jumped from one ship to another and began to fight. A howl sounded from the first ship and its hull was torn apart from the inside by cannonballs from the cannons that the ship itself held. “Hm he does his job well.” She though. Bells eyes were attracted to the moon as it seemed to go black with the outline of a werewolf. “Shoot.” She said as she rolled to the side to prevent being squished by the mammoth body that landed right where she was. “Die.” The werewolf said lunging at her. Bell ducked and slid under him, jumped up and threw a knife into his back. His tail traveled towards her and threw a hat in her face. She brushed it aside but all she could do against the claw that was thrust towards her was defend the best she could. Bells body was launched off of the ship and into the water. Bell began to swim towards another ship as she heard a howl behind her.

The End

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