Fighting My first assassin.Mature

Fetch. I was commanded to kill her and so I must. There seemed to be commotion on board but I did not care. Do what my master told me and nothing else the only thing in my universe is that woman. “Are you ready to die?” I ask. “Well actually I….” I pounced before she could finish hoping to catch her off guard. She dodged quickly to the left so I used my tail and tried to wind her but she jumped onto it and ran for my back. I jumped back hoping to crush her between the floor and my back but to no avail. She jumped off of my back onto the mast post and jumped off of that strait at my stomach in one fluid motion. I thrust my claw at her and batted her to the ground. She absorbed the impact of the fall by rolling.


 I was above her the second she got back on her feet. I grabbed

Her leg in one hand and her head with the other and opened my mouth for the killing. She opened something with her hands and threw it into my mouth. I recognized it immediately as poison and spit it into her face. She grabbed a knife from god knows where and stabbed my finger right beneath the nail. “Arg!” I howled out in pain as I dropped her. She wiped my spit off and jumped back as a cannon ball flashed through breaking the ship right where she used to be. I looked over and saw that we were surrounded by ships everywhere. Some from the order, some from the assassins.


I climbed up to the mast and jumped onto a ship that was close by hoping to lead the girl away from my master. I landed next to a mage that was charging for another shot so I took not time to respond by crushing him with my hands. The magi started to attack me so I brushed there runes apart with my tail. And proceeded to gorge myself off of their flesh. The little girl jumped from the mast to a man that was swinging from one ship to another, jumped off him and onto the mast of the ship I was on, then proceeded to kill everyone that was around her. I grabbed the captain took off his hat and threw him at the girl. I took the hat and grabbed it with my tail. She jumped over the man I threw and charged right at me.

The End

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