Never Ever landMature

Another nightmare. This time I dreamed that I was in a mountain shaped like a skull fighting some kid who flew and showed no ounce of good form. Hook woke up and Looked around his cabin. “Ugh again.” He said as he flung himself out of bed. “I need a little bit of help.” He said as he walked over to the liquor cabinet. He took out a glass and a bottle of wine. He was half way through pouring the glass when a loud howl startled him and he dropped his wine glass sending glass shards all over the floor. Hook felt the rage well up inside of him as he traveled to the door.


“What is going on here!” He yelled as he shoved his door aside.  He saw a small woman on the deck and Jack. “Who are you?” he demanded. “My name is bell.” She said. “That is impossible I killed her a while ago. No matter you are finished now.” Hook said as he beheld the moon shine on Jack. Jack began to grow hair all over his body, his figure grew to nine feet tall, and his claws and fangs grew to four inches long except for his front teeth, those grew to six inches, his cloths tore apart, and all ov this seemed to tower over the 4foot, 9inch girl. Even more so when it stood up on its two hind legs it rose to a final height of 14 foot 11 inches. “Jack!” Hook yelled. The werewolf looked over at the captain with the eyes of a loyal dog. “Eat ‘er up.” Hook smiled.


Hook noticed something gleaming on the horizon. He grabbed a looking glass and viewed a Assassin ship fleet. “Sir there is enemies on the starboard.” Shmee yelled. Hook looked to the other side of the ship and saw a fleet of Magi ships. “Ok you hogs off of your asses and set those sails, Prime those cannons, prepare to fight in glorious battle.

The End

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