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“Damn-it!” she cursed to herself. “Friggin priest with his magic.” She whimpered. She crawled over towards the barrels and found one that was not filled with alcohol. She opened it and took a sip. “Mm fruit.” She said with a childish gleam in her eyes. She slathered the ropes in it and made them all sticky and plumpish. She drank what was left and crawled inside of the good smelling barrel, closed the lid, and went to sleep.


She awoke when the barrel started moving. Bell panicked but remembered her training and stood completely still. The cork popped out and a mouth opened below it. For some reason the barrel was smashed down and Bell hurt her head.  “Ow that hurt.” She whimpered. “Then this will hurt even more.” A husky voice said. The barrel was lifted up and smashed down in the ground breaking the barrel into splinters. She was sitting right in front of a well built man with black hair handsomely brushed to the side of his head and beautiful green eyes that glowed in the dark. “Gorgeous.” She thought. He grabbed her hand and she froze stiff as a statue. She had never been touched by anyone in such a manner except for her master.


On the main deck Bell gathered her wits and grabbed the sticks that held her hair in a bun and pulled them out. They had a stabbing point on the concealed end which she used to stab him. He yelped in pain and let her go. The captain came out and yelled. “Who disturbs my science?” And he backed up when he saw her. “You girl what is your name?” He demanded. “My name is Bell.” She said looking at the handsome man that had grabbed her arm as he writhed in pain whilst laying in the last gleam of light as the sun set and the moon rose. “Bell! That is impossible I killed her a long time ago.” The captain said as his skin turned the color of snow. “Well it does not matter. The moon is rising and you will get quite a surprise.” The captain said pointing the boy writhing on the floor.

The End

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