making portMature

“Listen I am the most feared pirate ever. My name is feared on seas that aren’t on this planet. I have more money than a king, I could have you killed you lonely peasant, now repair my ship, please.” Hook said his patience growing thin. “No. I can not do it for that much. And if you are richer than a king then why can’t you meet my demands for the repairs?” The wood mason asked. Captain hook took out his pistol and shot the mason in the stomach. “He was no help anyway.” He said as he walked out.


“So what is our status captain?” Shmee asked. “We are going. He recommended us to our good friends at ever-land. Where the found children work for free and the adults work for minimum wage.” Hook said. Suddenly several mages of the order appeared and started to create runes. “What how did they know we were here?” Hook yelled pulling out his sword. Mages launched fire at the pirates first but the pirates dodged. “Charge.” Hook yelled. The pirates charged the magistrates and the magi brought forth there staffs and began chanting. Hook jumped over a pirate and sunk his blade deep into a healing priest. He followed that with a hook used to disembowel another mage before he called a retreat. “Everyone back to the ship.” He yelled as he placed a gunshot into the forehead of another priest. He grabbed a potion off of his belt and threw it into a swarm of magi and an explosion erupted from there feet. Hook had made it to the ship and they were already departing.


“Lousy kingdoms with there mages and there magic.” Hook grumbled. “Sir the holes in the hull.” Shmee worried. “Fix them with the extra lumber they should hold for the moment.” Hook looked up and viewed the sun as it set. “It is time that we make for Everland.” Hook said grinning. He placed his hand on the center of the wheel and yelled. “And a bit of pixy dust.” The ship glowed a golden color and sped up considerably. “Off to Never Everland” Hook Laughed.

The End

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