First time in the lightMature

Jack was happy. He was having a good day. There were no problems with a life at sea. His boss was the notorious captain Hook, he had finished scrubbing the deck, all of his chores were finished, and he was taking a nap. Yes, today was a great day, other than the fact that there was a gapping hole that let in an uncomfortable breeze. Jack thought of himself waking up and having his favorite food cooked by the cook. Lamb. He dozed off into dreamland.


 After being exiled he found himself on a island called Neverland he ate, drank, and slept all day until Hook came and his life changed for the better. However there had been damage done to his mind whilst he had been on the island without people to talk to. Jack had developed a kind of childish behavior and even forgot his name Jack the Ripper. But he was happy. And hook was more than happy to bring him on board.


Jacks dreams wandered over the fields of wheat and flowers, to a little town on fire, he dreamed of the night his family died. He woke up yelling. He got up and moved towards the beer kegs that they had recently plundered. “No, not that one, that one either, here we go.” He said as he moved two kegs aside and grabbed one that was red and smelled of fruit juice. He lifted it over his head, grabbed the cork with his mouth and ripped it off. Nothing came out. Jack slammed it on the ground hopping that would do the trick and lifted it up again. “Ow that hurt.” A small female voice whispered. Jacks ears were good enough to hear her. “The this will hurt even more.” He said smashing it on the ground. The keg broke open and a girl fell out.


“Captain! Captain! We have a stow away” Jack said pulling Bell up to the captains quarters. Around the deck she pulled a knife out of her cleavage and stabbed Jack in his arm. Captain hook was out in about three minuets and beheld the whole image.

The End

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