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Bell ran out of the tavern and saw a large pirate battle ship docking in the port. She ran towards it. "The order and the pirates hate each other more than anything." she thought to herself. Several Magi came out of hiding with runes in front of there hands. "Flare burst." They all said in unison. Fire erupted from there hands in the direction of Bell. Bell jumped over the closest one and rolled under the one behind the first one. Grabbing a smoke bomb from her pouch she threw it at the ground sending up a smokescreen. In the confusion she pulled a knife from her sock and clutched it close to her chest. Bell ran from town square towards the dock. Magistrates followed after her.


Upon reaching the docks Bell looked for a ship good enough to hide inside of. “flying Dutchman, queen Anns revenge, royal fortunes, no, no, no, not that one. Perfect.” Bell said as her eyes fell upon the ship that had just stopped in for repairs. It is going to be here for about a day while it gets repaired and it is good enough to hide in. She said to herself as she climbed in through one of the holes made by a cannon ball. The mages reached the docks and saw the pirates. “Are you with them now?” they yelled. Inscribing runes in the air. The pirates pulled out there swords and began to fight the mages. One of the pirates fought especially well. He was clothed in a red coat and he was wearing crocodile skin shoes and he had a giant feather coming from his red hat. “Hmmm maybe he is the captain.” She thought. More and more mages and pirates joined in the fight as civilians began to scurry away. “To the ship the captain yelled.” The pirates ran into there ships and began to depart. “shoot!” Bell cursed. There were too many eyes, she couldn’t get off. The ship departed.

The End

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