Hook the captain.Mature

“Shmee get up here with those papers I am almost finished with these.” Hook said. He was wearing a white blouse with a double neckerchief and black pants with boots. He was looking for a secret to immortality for several years now. In fact searching for it had cost him his position at the brethren court. He felt that he was nearly there. A few hours passed and he had concocted another potion. His potions were never successful but they always made great weapons. For instance one of his potions exploded once they came into contact with oxygen, and another melted any kind of rock that it touched. But they were never a secret to an eternal life.


Hook was in a bad mood. In fact it could be safe to say that the only time he wasn’t in a bad mood was when he was looking at his nice crocodile skin suit that he had framed in his room. Hook laid down on the bed next to his broken alarm clock and remembered the day that he killed the beast that was now mounted on his wall. He trapped it in a cave and caved in the place with his cannons until he was sure that it was either dead from the rocks or from starvation. He smiled to himself and slowly dozed off to sleep.


A cannon shot rang out in the night waking every one up. Including Hook. Shmee ran inside to see Hook get out of bed. “Captain captain we are under attack from the ghost pirates!” Shmee said. “The scabrous curs to attack my ship, they must be begging for death.” Hook said as he held out his arms strait out and stood still as Shmee dressed him with red coat and a large red hat with a ridiculous large feather. Hook walked out to see his crew frantically scurrying around. Close those sails you bilge rats, Out with the cannons you miserable insects, set the primer you slugs, Prepare to board!” Hook barked. The crew suddenly became organized and began to do as the captain ordered. After a while they all looked at Hook as he screwed on his Silver serrated hook. He looked at the crew out of the corner of his eye. The ship was within boarding distance. “Fire” he said calmly. All three stories of cannons fired at the same time tearing through there hull creating holes and destroying the ship. “Board them!” Hook yelled as he walked onto the extended gangplank onto the other ship. He pulled out his saber and disemboweled a foe. “Take everything.” He said.

The End

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