Jack the werwolfMature

“Jack the Ripper you were our greatest solder. You led armies against the assassins and the Pirates and came out victories, you glided through fields of blood and stepped upon the mighty. You killed Primark’s, kings, generals, and countless solders. Bot on this grave day we are here, not to commend you but to give trial. Everyone please stand for the great Primark Fang.” The enforcer said as every one in the judge house stood up.


 Jack was an failed experiment he was only supposed to have the tracking ,smelling and loyal traits of a tamed wolf but instead it turned him into a werewolf. Once he had a life but it was taken from him once his family was killed by assassins in the battle of wheat where the assassins stole so much wheat that they actually made many magicians die of starvation. He then gave his life to the cause of killing assassins, to the point of letting the biological magi experiment on him. After becoming a werewolf he trained, and fought, and eventually became the greatest warrior that the magistrates had and he earned the name Jack the Ripper. But the magistrates had rules that must be followed. Eventually they captured the assassin that killed his family and they placed him in solitary confinement. And having his vengeance so close Jack Killed him. And now he was on trial to be banished.


Jack tugged on his chains wanting to break them but he knew that if he did his sentence would be worse. The judge walked in and sat down, as did the entire council. “Now to our first order of business. First rank general Jack the Ripper. You are under trial for the crime of murder. We could make this a long and terrible trial if you want but you are a great man in my eyes so tell me, Did you kill the man?” the judge asked. “Sir it goes against my nature to lie to my masters. I killed him in cold blood.” Jack replied. Everyone gasped. “Well normally because you confessed we would kill you quickly, But because you were more useful to us than the entire army, I proclaim that you are banished from the catacombs from this day forth.” The judge said as he banged his hammer against the table. Two guards grabbed him but backed off when he growled at them and they led him to the doors to the edge of there kingdom. The doors opened and a fanfare of happy people celebrated his life and sang his praises as he left into the light.

The End

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