Bell the assassinMature

“A man was hung in times square today. His daughter watched, laughing the whole time. Apparently the father killed the entire royal family by putting poison in there tea.” A random person said from the table next to the one that Bell was sitting in. She was a 16 year old girl with the body of a 21 year old in everything but her height. She stood at 4 foot 9 but her size did not matter she was the perfect assassin. Just this last week she killed the entire royal family and blamed it on her “Father” he was just a fall guy and she placed a completely different but basically identical container on his coat when she knew that the guards were going to search for clues surrounding the royal kitchen where he worked. She simply tipped them off and waited for the execution so that she could be sure that she erased all loose ends.


Now she was mucking around, waiting for the dark of night in order to seek out and complete the mission. She gulped down the wine and ordered another “Waitress bring me more drink.” She yelled. 6 people in black robes with the red insignias of the order on them walked in and surrounded the table. “Are you Bellina Fall North?” the short chubby one asked. Bell just sat there with her wine glass in her hand. She jumped into action throwing the glass at them, grabbing the empty wine bottle by its handle smashing it against the edge of the table and stabbed the closest priest in the stomach. Kicked the table over into the three standing on the left to the short one, and spit into the face of the one on the right and he fell on the ground and clutched his face whilst he rolled on the ground in pain. Bell tackled at the short one to the ground and ran out. “She’s getting away stop her at the square!” He yelled into a magic communicator.


The End

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