Forbidden ArtsMature

three people meet over curios circumstances and create a guild of there own after being thrown out of the normal ones. Bell the assassin, Jack the werwolf, and Hook the pirate.
I need help with this.
in order to get the full affect one will need to read the storie in order.
Bell first, Hook second, jack third.

Three gods, Three schools, three guilds, three types of lives. The assassins who live in the ground and follow the god Seraph the lord of darkness, death, and seclusion. The magistrates of the order who live in the catacombs and follow Rain the god of wisdom, knowledge, and inner peace. And last there are the pirates who live on the sea, and ground, under the light and follow the god Azull who stands and fights among mortals for all that is light, holy, and pure.

This is the beginning but three people are about to bring this world crashing down.

The End

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