Ice- Meeting the other Elements

I followed Aidan's gaze and saw other people coming towards the house. One with an owl and the other with a wolf.

"Ha, at least were not the only people out there with weird animals for pets," I smiled at Aidan and knew that deep down he was smiling too, but his dad was getting mad and he didn't want to get his dad madder, "Hey, why don't we go outside and meet them instead of getting your dad mad and letting them come inside? I think your dad wouldn't really like it if a WOLF came in... let alone a tiger." I whispered to him.

"Are you still cold?" he asked nicely, "It's not good for you if you go out there in wet clothes when your still wet and stuff. I'll go get you some cloths. stand outside when they get here and tell them that I'll be out in a minute."

I saw Aidan run to his room as the two girls came up to the door, "Hey," I said as I stepped outside, "Umm... Aidan, the person that lives here, said that he would come out in a second," I glanced down and then back up, "I think we need to talk. We all have something in common," I said as I let them take a peek at my new white tiger pet.

They gasped as the blond girl looked to her right at her wolf and the girl with brown hair looked at here owl. They stared at Sea, who was starting to move around, and then back... and that's when I knew... an adventure would begin. Something I've been waiting for my whole life.

The End

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