Interlude- The Song of the Demons.


“The sky will turn red

And the sun shall sink in blackness.

The land will shake and crumble,

And the seas drown in misery,

As the winds wail in hollow sound.


This world will die again

And from its black ashes,

Our hell will be revived

That of purest darkness.


And the trembling fists of hope

Shall contort to cries of despair -

From  those who wish to oppose Him.

Him! The son of all that is twisted,

The son of hatred and betrayal,

Our everlasting King and saviour,

That we call Lord Lucifer."



"Something is wrong," Winter commented as she boarded the plane.

"I feel sick...." Azura held her hand to her mouth.

At the moment the demons song ended, all the Siblings look at the sky. They felt it, the evergrowing darkness, and the desire to find each other grew ten fold.

Go forth my childeren, reek havok upon the Earth.

"The imps.....the imps have risen." Winter hands clentched into fists.

"What...what are imps?" Azura asked, still holding her hand to her mouth.

"Mediocre demons. They are not powerful, you could destroy one hundered of them in a blink of an eye, but...."

"But ...but what?" Azura hesitated

"Lucifer is regenerating faster than I imagined." Winter replied as she removed her seat belt."It seems there is no time to lose. Put on your snow clothes, I'll have to teleport us to Antarctica afterall."


The End

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