Azura- We're Going ... WHERE?!

“Only take the things you need, honey.” Winter repeated over and over again, as I packed my things. I was rather annoyed since she wouldn’t tell me where the heck she was taking me, but I could trust her. I knew I could. She was the one who told me the truth, about my identity. She was the one who renewed my hope.

“Can I take Skye along with me, on this trip?”I asked as my new wolf pup came bounding into my room.

“And who, may I ask, is Skye?” She questioned raising one eyebrow.

“That’s what I named my wolf; Skye” I answered.

“And it is a perfectly wonderful name for her.” She commented, with a slight smile.

“Well, can I take her?” I asked again, picking the large heavy animal in my arms.

“The weather may be harsh on her, but you can go nowhere without her.”

“Weather may be harsh....." I repeated, confused, before turning back and continuing my packing. "When exactly is our flight leaving? And from which airport will we be going.”

“We can leave whenever you like; and my private jet will be taking us there.” She answered frankly as she sat at the window ledge and began filing her nails.


“Human money is so easy to fabricate, since technically it is made out of paper which is made from leaves; so yes, I bought a private jet. And anyhow sweet heart,” she continued as she got of the window ledge, and patted me gently on the cheek  “How do you propose we get onto a plane carrying an endangered wolf huh? And to add to that, I don’t think a plane would be willing to fly where I’m taking you.”She smiled slyly as she sat on the bed. 

“Please.....” I asked hesitantly, “Where are you taking me?”

“Antarctica”She answered



The End

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