Ice- Fire meets Ice

I walked though the snowy planes of the snow. It's been a couple days since I found food, but I knew that I wouldn't need to find any for a while, but I knew that Sea would need some soon.

I started walking south hoping to find someone... and I finally did! I picked Sea up and ran to the little house I saw and saw people outside.

"HEY!" I screamed hoping they'd hear me... "HEY!" I screamed louder and they turned in my direction.

I ran up to them with Sea in my arms and could feel that he was sick. When I finally got to the guy that stood there I saw him... and I knew him. From somewhere... I forgot, but I knew him.

I forgot about all of that, "Can you help me? I think Sea is sick and we haven't had food in so long."

"Yeah... um... do I know you though? You seem familiar," he said as he looked at my snow white tiger.

"I don't know, but Sea needs help," I said with worry in my eyes, "Can we come in? Please?"

"Yeah, come on... follow me," he said as he took Sea from me and led me inside.

We walked into the cabin thing and saw another man, "This is my dad. Dad, this girl needs help... from the looks of it, it seems like they've been wandering around in the snow for a while. Can you get the fire started?" he said as he led me to another room that his dad had just entered... the living room I'm guessing.

"Thank you," I said as I sat down and started taking off the three layers of clothing that I had put on, "Sea, come over here," I said and she obediently obeyed and cuddled near me, loving the warmth that I gave her.

"Here, this milk for your... ummm... tiger," he said as he was hesitant to really ask the question that I knew he would ask if we weren't so new to each other.

"Yeah, I just saw her and I knew that I was supposed to take care of her," I smiled as I placed the milk in front of Sea, "I don't know why, but I feel like there was a special connection when I saw her."

"Yeah, I just found a snake in the snow... I felt the same thing when I saw it... I don't know if it's a guy or girl though..." he said as he looked at the snake that laid on the table wrapped in a blanket.

It felt weird because I treated him weird... I guess I treated him like family. It was like the connection that I had with Sea. It was like the love a brother would have for a sister.

I gazed into in his eyes and smiled.

The End

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