Adelie: Twit t'woo.

"I hope this isn't your doing?" My brother says, sitting on the fallen, wrinkled log in the middle of the open nature reserve, the earth shaking around us. For some reason I always get the blame for earth quakes, they aren't my fault all the time.

"You know, just because the earth is shaking, does not mean to say that I am causing it. I don't blame you whenever weeds pop up in the garden, do I?" I raise my eyebrows at him, he rolls his eyes in response.

"You do, just admit it." He narrows him eyes at me, I mimic his eye roll and stand up stretching my long legs, "Damn cramp," I mutter.

The warm evening, summer breeze blows through next to me, I turn to it, welcoming its soothing nature warm my face. The earth stops stops shaking beneath my feet, I hear the leaves russel next to me, "Nice try, Fart Face. You won't get me this time." I like calling my 'older' brother Fart Face, its fun revenge.

"Er, Addie, that's not me." He says horsley, walking up next to me.

"What is it then?" I ask, as leafs fall down around us like confetti and a owl tweets above us.

"Creepy!" Brother dearest mutters next to me, we look up at the same time. A large, brown tawny owl perches on a branch above our heads. It opens it wide wings and swoops down to us, balancing on a thawny bush before us.

"Shall we go, y' know, before it eats us." I mutter, do these owls even come around Paris?

"Good plan." he mutters, eyes wide he grabs my hand and pulls me out of the reserve all the way back to the house, where Father and his wife are. We rush up the stairs, open the door to our own living room.

I turn away to the window, there the owl sits, staring wisely at us. Despite myself I smile, walking bolding towards it I stroke its head lightly. My brother comes over and strokes its head too.

The End

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