Ice- Meeting my New Best Friend

I lived in a cold place somewhere up north. I don't really know where. I traveled places and met new people, but I wouldn't stop moving. I was a nomad if you wanted to call it that. I hadn't had a best friend in a long time, but I guess it helped when I ran into trouble because there was no one to protect, which was easier for me.

"No, I'm fine on my own, but thanks for the food," I said to a caring family a couple miles away from a village.

I walked off into the cold, but it didn't bother me. I was used to it. I didn't know where my mom or dad were. I don't remember any of it. It felt like I was left out here for a purpose, but I just didn't know what that purpose was...

My thoughts were cut off by a crunching noise that had been behind me. I tensed, but I kept walking. It was getting closer and closer, and when I could almost feel it's breath I spun around and was about to throw a snow ball at the thing, which wouldn't have really done anything to anyone or thing, but I thought it was the only thing I had, until I saw what it was.

It blended in with the snow and if it weren't for it's stripes I wouldn't have seen it. I bent down to touch and it stretched it's neck to let me pet it. I had always been an animal lover so I thought that that was the reason it let me touch it... but then I was wrong.

I felt a strong connection between us and it felt weird. It was like being bonded somehow to the creature. It was beautiful yet it seemed vicious. I gazed into it's eyes until it closed them and began to purr.

I knew it was special, but I didn't know why. I guess it was just a gut feeling, but I don't know.

It was a white tiger and it was beautiful.

I'm going to name you Sea, because I once loved the sea when I was at the coast.

Then I thought aloud, "My name is Ice and you are Sea. Haha, I think that sounds just fine."

I picked it off and continued my journey to who knows where, but with Sea with me... I knew I would have a great adventure ahead of me.

The End

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