Assassins of the Night.

They met under the moon on the 12th hour, when no man steps on the frozen soils of dreams.
They are not related by blood but by spirit, they are born to deliver the Human race.


On the night of the Heavens fall, six siblings born of the four elements were sent to deliver the heavens from the darkness, with the help of the last surviving heavenly being; the moon. Unable to win the losing battle to the demons of Lucifer, they decided to sacrifice their life to save the goodness of the heavens; while the Moon condemned herself to a hundred centuries of banishment, to the land of still sleep, in order to survive the death of the heavens.

The body of the Daughter of Water became the great seas. The soul of the Son of Fire became the burning sun. The mind of the Daughter of the Earth and her twin brother, the Son of the Leaves, became the soil and forest lands. The spirit of the Son of the Winds became the air that flows freely. And she, who was born of all four elements, became the vaste expance of the sky. Thus the birth of Earth.

Earth was the result of the of the evil and malice of Lucifer, along with the beauty and purity of the siblings. Thus, the children of the Earth were cursed with a set of conflicting emotions. They came to be known as humans. In the time of the siblings, the creatures of Heaven were not born with a sense of love, or attachment. They were born only with a sense of purpose; to fulfil the duty they were born to complete. Thus the humans were thought of as a damned race; a race condemned to constantly relive the battle between Lucifer and the siblings within themselves.

 The siblings were born with the sense of protection and attachment only to each other. They died due o their conviction. They died to fulfil their purpose. The moon had one purpose, to survive. She was the only being strong enough to give ‘birth’ to the siblings once again. Thus to fulfil her purpose, she banished herself.

Now, after one hundred centuries of sleep, the moon has opened her chaste eyes to look upon the damned race. Beyond the human vision, she can sight the rebirth of Lucifer, and the spread of his evil influence throughout Earth.

“It is time” her voice whispers to the winds. Her will is carried by the winds to the seas, the earth, the sun, and the sky. On the first day of the moon’s call, the Daughter of the Sky is born, to a single human woman, in a small cottage on the edge of London.

Within a year of the sky’s birth, the Son of the Wind is born as the third son to a congressman of America, and his third wife.

Within six months of the winds birth, the Daughter of the sea is born in the shanty of an Indian village.

Within three months of the sea’s birth, the twins, Son of the leaves and Daughter of the Land were born to a woman, unfaithful in love, in the city of Paris.

And within one month of the twin’s birth, the youngest, The Sun was born, to a pair of researchers in the Arctic Circle.

But they were born with one fatal flaw. Each of them, while in their mother’s womb, were transfused not only with a love for each other, a strong sense of purpose and the mastery of their chosen element, but also every other human emotion that existed.

Thus to rectify her mistake, the moon bore five animals onto the Earth, to guide their chosen sibling along their perilous journey; the owl, the eagle, the snake, the white tiger, and the wolf being the chosen creatures.

And as they grew older living as humans, the moon watched intrigued, wondering where fate would lead them.


The End

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