The Noisiest Year 9s I Have Ever MetMature

I didn't really want to be disturbed that morning as Sonic was pissing me off so I crawled into Molly's pocket so who can blame me. If I had found out what was going to go on, I would have stayed at home . . .

As you can see, the cat I'm named after (who just happens to be named after Knuckles the Echidna) wasn't very happy about what went on. Anyway, I had just arrived in 2010 with Skye and Xanthe and was feeling a bit dizzy. Xanthe had found out where Molly was : in an English lesson in Brightsville High School with a teacher who liked they were trying not to fall asleep ,as the subject can be BORING!!!). Pretty obvious as it was Macbeth.

We sneaked into the classroom, Skye was invisible as she can't blend in with a group of nutty 13 and 14 year olds (No offense Year 9s from Park most of you aren't nutty) as she is 34 and looks too scary as we found out at Reception as a tiny Year 7 was in there took one look at Skye and fainted (pretty much Xanthe's reaction when she first saw Skye. Shock really), and sat on three chairs at the back next to guess who? Molly, Giovanni and a pretty albino girl who I found out later was called Albina who was more commonly known as Bina or Beanie. As it was a class full of Year 9s it was really noisy and a parrot (cockatoo, actually. Yes, thanks Xanthe. {AS IF!}) was flying around the room. The cockatoo's chest was almost completely bare of feathers and it was shrieking "Super cauliflower cheese, boiled eggs are attrocious" over and over again so I don't blame Giovanni for throwing a book at the cockatoo who immediately fell to the ground with a small thud.

In about two tenths of a second the cockatoo had disappeared and a boy about fourteen with an unmemorable face with white-blonde hair was on the ground instead of the cockatoo.

"Giovanni, you TWAT! What did you do that for?!" he yelled at Giovanni who was screwing his finger into his head to show the boy was clearly insane to me. 

 "Barney Goffin, please refrain from swearing at Giovanni as he knows lots more expletives than you", the teacher said with her back to us.    

 "That hurt", Barney complained."Molly please don't throw another book at me." Molly had got a Spanish dictionary in her hands, ready to throw it at Barney.

"I wasn't going to chuck it anyway, loser," she replied, while probing my mind."Quit staring at me, Knux."

"What the FUCK?!" Barney exclaimed. He turned to Molly and said "you mean this idiot is called Knuckles, as in Knuckles the Echidna?"

"Yep," Molly replied. I glared at Molly then said "Her middle name is Shadow"

Molly immediately gave me a double handed knuckle sandwich (i.e. a punch in the mouth using both hands).

The End

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