Assassins From The FutureMature

Knuckles who is Molly's son from the future goes to the past to try and get help from Molly who gets so freaked out she passes out and wakes up in an abandoned building.
Knuckles quickly explains what is going on to Molly and her friend Albina (known as Bina) who just happens to fancy Knuckles.

My name is Knuckles. I was born on 16th June 2035. I'm named after my late mother's cat who was about the size of her hand so he was TINY! What! You haven't seen Molly's hands, they are really dinky. I'm serious! My parents Molly Howlett and Giovanni Rossi (both dead) were mutated so it isn't a suprise that I am mutated. To be precise I'm a mutated vampire enchanter. Yes, weird.

I was approached by a total weirdo called Skye who claimed she was my half-sister , same mother different father, and said that she had been warned in a dream that someone was planning to kill my mum by going back in time and poisoning her aged 14 so that Skye, my sisters Roxanne and Shadsi and I won't exist. Skye is a bit weird as she is always having what Roxanne describes as "prophecy dreams". I really don't know why but I decided to help her.

I decided to go back to the time with Skye and Xanthe (Pronounced: Zan-thee. Meaning: yellow {a nutter who INSISTED on coming along}) before Molly's 14th birthday around the time when she had her first boyfriend (i.e. my father).

A crystal passed down Molly's family for ages, gives me the power to do time travel and with it I planned to go back to 2010 to get Molly and perhaps Giovanni if I could persuade him.

In around five minutes, Skye had dragged me, Xanthe and herself into her flat, got money from 2010 as we have a different currency now and had got changed into a normal looking outfit.

The End

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