Assassin's Curse

A 16 year-old girl is persecuted by vivid dreams of her past that are not quite clear to her. She tries to discover ways to defeat the curse that is embedded in her so to not follow the path that lies for her future.

Everything was lost.

The houses, the tall buildings, the roads, everything was dominated by the furious flickers of the burning flames. Women and children screaming and wailing in agony trying to free themselves from the heat. Only two people, covered in black, stood in between the tormenting scene, their smiles visible from afar, and the fire - which illuminated their complexion - made it more clear for all to see.

Once the civilians approached the borders to leave their belongings and their village behind, the two dark figures moved with magnificent speed towards them, unsheathing their swords. They both had a sweeping design with a sleek positive grip and a decorative, high carbon steel blade, which pierced through the people's soft flesh, splattering radiant crimson red blood on the ground.

More screams and wails that were accompanied with cries this time. The black shadows did not stop, but swiftly continued their heartless  procedures by killing everyone that stood in their way of entertainment. Seeing the weak organisms just run for their lives than finding a way to keep what was left of the place which they called home was not something which could be presented as satisfactory for them. They wanted to apprehend a little fight from them.

Finally, when they turned around to kill the last of the lot, they saw before them a young girl with jet black wavy hair that was colored blue from the flame's light. Just as the assassins lifted their swords to slice her head off, the little girl tried to close her eyes for the chance to avoid her fate, but then a bright light overcame her vision.

It was only a dream.

The End

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