December 19th 1994, Poland.

It was a cold clear night. The snow had stopped falling and the hills were white as well as the trees. Two men where standing near a barrel that was on fire. They were warming their hands. They were dressed in long trench coats with Davy Crockett hats. Two Ak-47's lay nearby. They were one of the many patrols that guarded Paul Nowak.

A small plane flew overhead. It was disguised to look like one of Nowak's. Instead of protecting him, it had flown there to kill him. On the plane, Edward sat reading the info file on Nowak. There was a picture of him and some info under it.

Paul  Nowak was born in Warsaw, just after the Poland was liberated by the Allies.  His father was part German, part Polish. His mother was from one of Polands most respected families. Nowak's father was allowed to live because of his German heritage and Nowaks mother lived by telling the Germans she was one of them. When the Allies reached the Polish borders, Nowak's parent's were one of the many families that escaped there homes and ran to the fast approaching British forces. Nowak was born a few days after they reached the Allies.

Nowak had a rough childhood. The Germans had stolen his mother's wealth and they were unable to recover it. But then things took a turn for the best. When he was twenty he took up boxing. He soon became well known in the ring for his powerful right hook that knocked out most of  his opponents. Soon people were betting money on him as he won more fights. He won three middleweight titles and nearly won a fourth but broke his hand in the qualifying fight. His hand never really healed. But he had a lot of money and for a few years he lived in luxury. He never married but had a string of mistresses.

But then the money started to run out. Nowak desperately looked for ways to keep the money rolling in. But nothing worked. But then he discovered drugs. Soon his men were selling cocaine, heroin, speed and all sorts of drugs on the street. Soon Nowak was rolling in money. He soon had enough money to buy his own mansion in the countryside. The police were never able to pin something on him.

Your objective is to kill him. And then head south for extraction.No mistakes agent Kizdon. Kill him and get out of there. Do this and you will find £35,000 in your bank account. Good luck. And remember. No Mistakes!

Edward closed the file and nodded to the pilot.The pilot nodded back. The hatch opened. Edward put on the parachute and jumped out into the cold night air. Nobody saw the dark figure in the air.No one saw the parachute.

Edward landed on the hill to the west of the house. He took out his sniper rifle. It was a Bor 7.62x51 mm Polish bolt action rifle. He took out the silencer and fitted it onto the barrel. Then came the scope and laser. Edward was a close range and a long range assassin. In this case it was long range. He lifted the rifle and looked through the  scope, which had night vision. He spotted his target immediatley. Nowak was sitting at the dinner table, eating. The window was open. Edward put his finger on the laser button and a small red spot appeared on Nowak's  forehead. Nowak didn't notice.Edward tensed. Then he pulled the trigger. Nowak stopped and his head slumped down. A trickle of blood came out of the hole. Edward was gone before the guards discovered the body. He had made sure no one had seen him. But someone did. 

The End

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