The phone callMature

The phone rang. Once, Twice, Three times.  A pale hand reached towards it and took it out of it's cradle. ''Hello,'said Edward. ''Hello, Edward,'said a whispery voice. ''Who is this,'asked Edward. ''Oh, you don't know me, but you killed someone I knew,' said the voice.''Who,'said Edward. ''You know who i'm fucking talking about,' said the voice angry and loudly. ''Sorry buddy, I can't help you,' said Edward. ''DECEMBER 1994, IN POLAND,'screamed the voice so loudly that the phone vibrated.  Edward stiffened. ''YOU KNOW, I FUCKING KNOW YOU KNOW,'screamed the voice again. ''What about it,'said Edward angrily into the mouth piece. ''How about I let you think about it for a while,'said the voice, speaking softly now. Then the line went dead. Edward put the phone back into the cradle.  Poland. That was going back nearly ten years. Edward closed his eyes and fell back asleep.

The End

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