What is going on?Mature

The bullet flew from the gun and entered the mans arm.He screamed in pain and fell back.Edward opened his eyes.''Why did you shoot me,'cried the man.Tears were rolling down his cheeks and he was wincing in pain.Edward didn't say anything.Why had he shot the man?Because he had been paid fifty-thousand fucking bucks that's why!And the bastard knew a secret.A secret that would kill loads of people yet the bastard would be paid money beyond his fucking dreams.Edward didn't really care.He looked down upon the snivelling man.The man was bunched up against a wall.Blood was running down his arm.Edward hated the smell of blood.Another disadvantage to his job.He raised the gun.This was what he was supposed to do.Why should he stop now.Fifty grand was a lot of money.He cocked the gun.The barrel was aimed at the man's forehead.He uttered the answer to the man's question.''It's my job.The mans eyes widened.''Wait,I'm gonna get real rich soon and you can have half,'cried the man.

Edward looked down.A twitch.That was all that was necessary.One twitch and a bullet would enter the man's head.Edward looked at his victim again.''No,'he said.The man's eyes widened again.He tried to say something else but a gloved finger twitched and a bullet buried itself in the man's head.

Edward started to walk away but fell against the wall and threw up.What the hell was going on?This had never happened before.He had never had a problem like this.He had to get out of here!

The End

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