Assassin ShortMature

A story that I was working on a while back and haven't gotten back into. Hopefully by putting it up it will force me to work on it


I looked down at the picture for a moment before flipping it over to see the date written on the back and under it… a word, could it be a city?

“You know I hate this game of yours. If you gave me a name to go on I could have her dead within the next business day.” I was trying hard not to let the annoyance show clearly, it was hard not to let the edge creep in.

My employer, the arrogant bastard, could only respond with the usual “Yes, yes, I understand your dislike for my methods, but I am only sharpening your skills. You should appreciate that. Well I have given you a date of birth and the city she currently resides in. I even gave you a bonus clue.” I knew what he was talking about. The clue wasn’t much though. She was born in 87, meaning she might be in college. He had confirmed that she was. I could have figured that out without his help, but it would have taken longer.

Damn it all, he expects me to appreciation his small assistance. Assistance he should be doling to his favorite “Ace Man” as he calls us. I put my neck on the line for this son of a bitch and he wants me to kiss ass. Damn it all “Thank you sir,” I hear myself say through hollow ears to match my hollow tone. He seems not to notice my insincerity; it’s a good thing since it would never come in a truer form than what was just given. I turn to leave, knowing this was all the help forthcoming, but I am stopped. I feel something deep within me; it compels me to ask “What did she do?” The question hung in the air clumsily, he made no attempt to answer, instead he turned and started away. I made an attempt to recover, but ended up fumbling over my own question. Why did miss blue eyed blonde with beautiful lips and a moderate rack have to die? What puzzled me further was why I cared? The answer was obvious, she was gorgeous and I am a man, a man that kills for a living, but still a man. I have needs and she could easily satisfy a couple of them. Of course I am not talking about basic need like food and shelter. I have no intent of eating her or fashioning a lean-to from what remained after I finish gorging myself. No, I was thinking mostly sexual needs. No it was more than that to. Her eyes… they remind me of some one. Who? Obviously someone from my past, to be from my future would make no sense. Erica! That’s it! Son of a bitch! I have to kill someone that reminds me of Erica! FUCK! No good thinking about this. Just act. It’s what you have been taught to do for the last 5 years. I think it’s been 5 years. Time wasted? No, just time used in a way I hadn’t planned. ERICA! Why did she have to look like her? Why those dammed eyes, so perfectly blue… sighing I put the picture in my pocket, after folding it up of course. I deliberately avoid creasing the eyes. I have never failed a job and I couldn't start now.


The End

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