Edward is an assassin,a killer.He's been in the business for years.But when he kills a traitor he begins to have feelings.Remorseful feelings.Then the big question comes.Why did he kill people?Then it comes. The phone call. Then the bombs through the mail box, the shots through the window.Clearly someone is toying with him. Also after his last job a relentless detective is put on the case. And this one won't give up. Find out what happens....

This was it.                                                                                                                                                            The big choice.                                                                                                                                                   Let him live or kill him.                                                                                                                                  Edward didn't know which to chose.        

Even now,as he held the pistol at the mans head,he wondered why he was doing this?He had to kill him didn't he?The man had betrayed them.He deserved to die.But even as Edward thought this he wondered why the heck he was chosen for the job.There were other suitable candidates.His attention turned back to the man.The man he was going to kill.What did it matter?What was one life compared to millions of others?Edward didn't give a damn.He had to kill this man.He had to!If he didn't millions,if not billions,would die.

Edward had been in this situation before.Everytime he was about to pull the trigger,a thought would jump into his head.Why was he doing this?Did he have to kill his victim?Did his victim deserve to die?What was in it for Edward besides a suitcase of money?Edward shook his head.Now was not the time to think.Shoot now,think later.

Edward looked at the man again.He raised his gun,a CZ  2075 RAMI.His favourite gun.He looked at the man,the traitor,the bastard who had betrayed his own country.He closed his eyes and pulled the trigger.......

The End

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