Interlude - Piety and InquisitionMature

Piety and Inquisition, the Chalice and Fire of the soul.
Through Piety and Inquisition we have sinned, and so rend our hands filthy before the tears of the Wrathful God.

His Messengers came and went.
They greeted us with Trepidation and Rapture.
We wept and dreamt.

They will come and go again,
And we will weep and dream again.
Time has no beginning, no ending ... no meaning ...

I'm sorry.
Please try to understand.
We cannot convince you in any other way.
We offer our Penance, for we can no longer cast in the name of a New Lord.

Ye not guilty.

Sanctity and Perseverance, the timid spears of a lamenting warrior.
Through Sanctity and Perseverance, you shall achieve.
Beneath your Sanctity and Perseverance, we shall exist.
So cast in the name of a Great Lord.
Cast in the name of a Great Lord.
Ye not guilty.

The End

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