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He watched and listened to the galaxy through the plague, his infinite gaze fixed upon the Vidar. Only dust and echoes whispered throughout the lands. Certain victory was at hand, but his mind was not yet at rest.

Inferi Sententia, they called him, the thoughts of "those below."

Pity, he thought. From another perspective, it is you who is below. Truth is absolute, but perspectives are vague, and vague perspectives conduct delusions...

He was old, this Inferi Sententia. When life in this galaxy was but a mere infant, blood feuds and hatred sundered the opulent castles of his makers. Eden was their galaxy for they fancied themselves divine, and diverse was their cast.

Each lineage was gifted with the element of wind, fire, water, and life. Indeed, diverse was their cast. For ages they coexisted but doubts lingered ...which lineage had the right to claim an ancestry divine?

From each lineage's perspective, only their kind were the Angels sent forth by the True Gods. Perspectives became sermon, and sermon became truth. Each lineage had claim to his existence, for he was the instrument they waged against one-another.

He'd awoke in a tempest of hatred, newborn yet imbued with infinite wisdom. He was there at the open graves, and yet he was across the galaxy among the stars. He was aware that he was a collective mind. A hive mind.

His first thoughts occurred on perspectives. So long perspectives differed, peace would remain a prelude to war. He concluded that only when the races joined their voices could they sing everlasting peace.

At first his makers saw him as a disease they created, denied his salvation and sought to destroy him. He considered this another difference in perspective, and as such could not leave these children to fancy themselves divine and carry their feuds to no end.

He opened their dull eyes to the finitude of their collective mortality. Only at the brink of extinction did they accept his salvation, but his victory was not complete.

On the verge of defeat, a truculent Queen known as Alma Mater drew battle plans. She wrote of him, his hordes and his deeds. She vested this knowledge in her seventh daughter and cast her beyond the Gate of Eden.

A hundred-thousand years ago, Princess Eurydice awoke on humanity's home world. Between eons of dormancy she shared the arts of mathematics and literacy, and the knowledge with which to destroy him.

From beyond the grave, after a hundred millennia, that truculent woman threatened to steal his certain victory once more. The three demons he once feared were upon him.

Humanity christened the second demon as their Sword of Mercy. He once had intelligent conversations with it. It was an intriguing character, although prideful and conceited. Though it was the least powerful, it was by far the quickest.

As such, none of his hordes could challenge it.

Victim to human indecision, this demon abandoned all reason and fell prey to its own emotions, and it now sought to destroy him. He watched through the Acolytes on Chiron as the Sword of Mercy rend them lifeless in search for him.

Another problem was the Locrix strain, and its recent evolution. This was the most troublesome strain because while the Acolyte and Lotas foraged the ground for sustenance, the Locrix bioships could not in space. While the pre-evolved, less powerful Locri did well enough with the nourishment created within their large bodies, the case was not the same for their evolved forms.

The evolved Locri were more powerful, and the nourishment created within their sleeker eel-like bodies wasn't enough. They had to complement their diet. The only food source in space were the lesser bioships.

Farther more, while the plague's lower forms such as the Acolyte, Lotas and the lesser Locri had no will, their perfect forms such as the Cyclops, Dragon and evolved Locri had a mind and will of their own.

He could not overcome the demons with the lower forms because they were weak, and similarly he could not control the higher forms like puppets to effectively fight the demons.

The first move in a battle is better left as a feint. For his ploy he set his sights on the third demon aboard the NSC Vidar. It was by far the toughest of the three, but it was disheartened and ailing in both body and mind.

If he persuaded the third demon to his cause, he would not have to fight the Sword of Mercy. In the event he could not persuade it, however, he would have to overcome both demons himself.

To seal his victory, he had to call upon his greatest servant, but even the King of his envoys would not be enough. He had to create a new body purposely built to slay these demons. He regarded both target's abilities and arrived at a solution.

The Sword of Mercy's might was its attack speed, so he fashioned a sleek body with alacrity to match. The third's strength was raw physical power, so he elected the brawn of a Cyclops, and forged these powers beneath steel skin.

Through the dying antennae of a lesser Locrix, he watched the Vidar. It could not remain in orbit while the Locri cannibalized themselves. It had to land, and where it set down was where the third demon would emerge.

He sacrificed the hatchery in the ruins of the west to create the new body. It was the weakest of his lairs, ripe for invasion and conquest, and therefore the best place to land a starship.

Within hours, a new creature would emerge from the hatchery. Before he set it loose against the third devil, however, there was one other headache to be rid of. A certain thief, and his stolen powers, had to be removed from the battlefield.

A hundred-thousand years ago, he failed to seal victory at Eden. This time he couldn't leave anything to chance. If these humans survived him and brought their knowledge elsewhere in the universe, his own extinction would become a very real possibility.

The End

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