I decided I had to write something, anything, even if I didn't like it to break my creative block.

I have no plans for this one, feel totally free to add.

I can't breathe..!

Choking, I woke with a jerk. My eyes flickered open but shut against the brilliant light. I shield my eyes with an arm and kick against something holding my legs. The thing in my throat won't budge. My other arm tears at the thing wrapping itself around me. With a thrash I'm free and I can feel a cold, hard floor underneath me.

I'm still blind, and I can taste blood...

Even as I begin to asphyxiate, I gather my willpower to fight the cough reflex, against which I tense the muscles in my chest. It hurts terribly. With the last of my air I force a strong, final cough and feel the object tear itself loose. I spit it out, and the blood that wells from the deep score along my throat and the roof of my mouth it left. I try to staunch it with my tongue. I'm left drinking blood and gulping air. I scrabble to my feet and stagger forward into a wall. My mouth clamps shut, I clear my nose with a snort and breathe through it alternatively with swallowing blood.

Airways secure, I open my eyes. I have to wipe them to see clearly.

A tunnel? A subway lit with sodium lamps which now seem dim. It's empty; I'm alone. My captor was a dull and worn sleeping bag. I try to calm my wild heartbeat.

There is dark at either end of the tunnel. This is no help to me; why am I here?

I tilt my head back, close my eyes and hope the gash is really a scratch, as so often injuries turn out to be. Are there any memories, anything to explain my situation? My heartbeat slows. I think I'm okay, physically at least.

Sleeping bag, subway... No, this isn't right. I don't live like this. Did I get drunk and wind up here? My headache could easily be purely from the choking, and my chest! I slide down the wall to move some of the muscles around. I wipe away the moisture from my eyes and moan a little, head buried in arms.

Can only go up from here right? Gamblers' fallacy, or worse. I have a vague idea that bad things tend to happen in groups.

The End

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