Happy memories

As I saw her come closer, I felt a calming sensation flood my confused senses. For the first time since I could remember, I felt a calming drug of relaxation flow through my mind and the two who had come to my rescue were as angels to me. As they began to argue I felt myself float peacefully to another time.

There I was, my sixteenth birthday. It must have been the happiest point of my life. An endless crush had recently blossomed into something tangible and the boy, no, man, that I had waited for was here to take me on a surpirse adventure. I was not used to attention and had no idea what to expect- the naivete in which I was wrapped made certain that I knew nothing of the world, of men, of love, or even of the possibilities that lay beyond my familiar little town. He was not from here and I had made a habit of following him after school in the past 3 months since he came.  Two weeks after this started, he stopped one day, turned around, and came to my side. Taking my arm, he began asking questions about our town, about school, about me. Every day we spoke of the places he had been to with his family, the interesting and important people he had met, and the beauty and science he saw in everything around us.

There was no one at home to care about me, no one to miss me, and this person became my entire life in the two and a half months we spent together. And today was my birthday. I had saved everything I made working as a night maid in the local motel and bought a yellow summer dress. Making every detail perfect, I was ready an hour early and sat in the nearby park to enjoy and elongate the day that I knew would be the best in my life.

And he came! There he was, so nearby that I already sensed the way he smelled. Watching him walk from across the quiet street, I admired the short and confident stature, wondering if today might result in a first kiss. His smile was oddly.... resigned. Yes, he seemed.... distracted, maybe even distressed!

Did he know then? Did he know that within an hour's time he would leave me and never be seen again? Did he know in those few moments of my innocent excitement that I would lose the one beautiful thing I looked to before the whole world fell down on our heads? And that as we took a stroll, hand in hand, he would be taken from me; his warmth wrenched away to leave me screaming and running after that mysterious black car? Surely there was nothing like that in his smile.

The End

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