Lost memories

Nauseating pain had almost overcome my senses when their startled movement sent unwelcome spasms of terror through my being. It was obvious that they were tracking something with their terror filled eyes and my trembling renewed as I realized that I had been so lost to my body that I had not seen or heard the thing that frightened them so much. Was it.... ? 

But wait.... the girl. Something was so familiar about her, like a face you dream about and cant remember why you know them. The lightening flashed several times as I squinted through the misty, dank candlelight. She was with a very nervous man and I strained to recall in my memory if I had heard any of their conversation. But no, my mind was as weak as my body at this point, and the trembling was not helping either.

I should make myself known to them. It has been too long that I have been suffering alone, afraid to lose another friend. Too many have gone and I should keep on my guard.... but something about her is just so familiar. Almost comforting, despite the obvious tribulations that she was trying to bury within herself. Hopefully it is not too late, hopefully they will not attack me in their fear. We can help each other. There are assets I can provide. If only they will tell me who they are.

Mustering as much determination and strength into my voice as possible, my feeble, unused voice-box squeezed out a meager "Please help me.....," and then darkness finally overcame the ceaseless tremors of my body.

The End

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