My mind stubbornly wandered to the boundary of sanity as I watched them.

Weariness also nagged me at the realization that they still hadnt noticed me. An hour since they came in seeking shelter and not more than a glance to my hiding spot. I suppose that you can be so busy looking out for one thing that you are blind to others. Not that they should fear me, but by this time there will be quite a clamor when my presense is realized.

A few of them seem to be in quite a bit of anguish; something I have been ignoring of myself for what seems like a couple days now. I am not even sure how long it has been since I moved from this position, laying behind a large portion of what was once a glorious alter. One thing is for sure, I was very glad to have a little distraction from the darkness.  Maybe my sanity will last longer than my body.


The End

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