Ashwinn Chapter Six


“Kill them!” The armoured Orc commanded, and the group of beasts moved forward.

I looked worriedly at Shaithi, who looked unfazed by the army of monsters heading towards us.

“You have a plan?” I stuttered, placing my hand around Darrowdin’s hilt. I knew that I couldn’t use it to kill an Orc, the sword could, the blade could drive itself through an Orc with ease, but I knew that I could never bring myself to kill, the only thing that I could ever kill was Crabbies, and I always found myself praying afterwards for giving me their life to feed my village.

“Nope,” He said, reaching for his hat, “But let us hope for the best,”

He pulled his hat from his head and threw it over the crowd of Orcs, they watched it fly over them and take form as his sword. It began to spin faster and faster, leaving a purple haze in it’s wake. I opened my mouth as I realised where the blade was heading. I glanced at Shaithi, who’s eyes were slanted as he mentally willed the blade to it’s destination.

His faced broke into a smile as the blade hit the base of the ships mast, clearing through the three foot thick trunk of carved oak with one fell swoop.

It boomeranged back to Shaithi, and by the time he caught it, it had reverted to it’s hat form. He caught it, placed it firmly on his head, and tipped it slightly as the mast creaked, and began to topple. The smartest Orcs moved quickly, but some of the slower witted ones stayed until the mass of wood fell on them, taking them out as it splintered and broke.

Some of the Orcs stepped back in shock at the magic, the Orc who had stopped us earlier stepped forward. He was brandishing a huge greatsword with a brass handle and a slightly warped blade.

“So, what we got here then?” He sneered, “A little elf with a magic hat, and a boy with a sword two times as big as him,”

“That magic hat just ruined your ship,” Shaithi smiled, gesturing to the fallen mast, which had struck the Orcs and thundered through the front cabins, piercing the bottom of the ship, a fountain of blue water began bleeding through the wrecked wood. Within seconds the top deck was flooded and the entire ship bean to slowly submerge below the water.

“Morakk!!” The Orc yelled, lunging towards us. Shaithi shook his head.

“Such horrible language, oh well,” He caught the flying green beast in a hugging motion as the silver blade of Shaithi’s sword pierced through the Orc’s rough back, covered in sickly purple blood.

Shaithi pulled the blade back through and let the huge body thud to the now soaking ground.

A yell came from the mass of Orcs below, “To the lifeboat!”

I looked at Shaithi, who was already running to the middle of the ship. He launched himself over the wooden railing, as I followed down the crooked, slippery steps.

The Orcs hadn’t the brain capacity to get to the life boat, and after hacking our way across the top deck, we found the boat untouched.

“All aboard!” Shaithi chuckled, my feet were sodden from the sea water which was flooding through the floorboards and over the side, so I didn’t argue. The boat was rickety and old, but was unused, and surprisingly clean, Orcs weren’t known for being clean, they shovelled their waste anywhere they could, lucky for us, these Orc’s preferred over the side.

The lifeboat was tied to the back of the ship by four thick ropes, which had become horribly entwined and tangled. Shaithi removed his hat and it began to change once again, this time it shrunk, forming a dagger, which Shaithi took and began sawing away at the binds with.

Then a though hit me. The life boat was about forty foot above the sea, the ropes weren’t just for holding it- they were for lowering it-

But I was to late, the last rope snapped, and the ship dropped. My stomach lurched upwards into my mouth, as it plummeted downwards. Splash! We hit the choppy water hard, sending a wall of water upwards all around us.

The boat tipped slightly, allowing water to seep in, but soon settled on top of the water. I grabbed an oar and plunged it into the water, Shaithi did the same and we began to row, moving away from the doomed Orc ship as fast as we could.

The End

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