Ashwinn Chapter Five


The stairs led to a short corridor with four doors, each had words engraved above them, problem was, they were written in Orcish, they often illegible language of all Orc kind.

“I cant read-“ I started, but Shaithi had already looked at each sign and found the armoury.

“It’s here,” He said cockily, returning to his Elven form.

“You know Orcish?” I asked, perplexed.

“I do, as well as Troll, Elvish- of course, Ogri, Gnomish, Dwarven-“

“I get it,” I said, Shaithi smiled and reached for the grotty handle.

The door opened slowly, and revealed a room full to the brim with massive weapons off all different designs and origins. There were Dwarf axes, daggers, Ogre clubs and mallets and even highly developed guns.

“Which one is yours?” Shaithi asked, picking up a dagger from a shelf and weighing it. He held it in between his palm and I watched as it dissolved into a purple gas, that twisted around his hands for a moment, before it fed itself into his hat. The runes that covered it glowed for a second, before dying out, I looked at Shaithi, who realised that it wasn’t commonplace for a human, “Oh, the dagger was enchanted, I need the energy force,”

I was still confused, but I began rummaging through the piles of evil looking weapons.

I soon found my sword buried in a pile of shrapnel. Hadirin once belonged to a hero of Gaelwynd, Hadirin Darrowdin, and it had been a gift from the Council, to aid me in the trials. It was almost as big as me, if not slightly bigger. It took two hands to lift, and was forged from the strongest of steel and the handle was made from solid gold and a silver. I grasped it a heaved it from the ground.

  “Now you decide to come get me?” Hadirin said- oh yeah, he talks, “Three days I’ve been here, trapped under that pile of rusty old swords!”

Now it was Shaithi’s turn to be confused.

“Your sword talks?” He said with a grin. I smiled and lifted Hadirin so the handle was at eye level. Melded into the handle was a perfectly spherical crystal, inside it, moving and swirling around was a face. Hadirin Darrowdin’s face, to be precise.

“Hello, I’m Hadirin Darrowdin, legendary warrior of Gaelwynd, bane of all beasts who wish to be the enemy of my homeland, and you are- oh, you’re an Elf, how… how… er, pleased to make your acquaintance…”

“Excuse me, is your sword being racist?” Shaithi asked, with a slight grin on his face.

“No… it’s just that I’m not used to, your kind…” Hadirin said, not in the least trying to sound apologetic.

I moved the conversation on quickly.

“Well, time to be getting out of here, don’t you think?” I said, grabbing a sword sheath from the shelf and placing Hadirin in it and leaving the armoury. Shaithi grabbed my shoulder and took his Orc form once again.

We ascended the stairs and Shaithi opened the door. The entire deck latched their eyes onto us and drew their weapons.

“Uh-oh,” I said, as I looked and saw a very Elven Shaithi standing next to me.

“Get them!” Came a roar from the back of the crowd, a large Orc wearing plate armour held his axe in the air. The crowd of green and brown yelled in agreement, and there were several noises of metal against metal as weapons were drawn.


The End

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