Ashwinn Chapter Four


We ascended the stairs slowly, when we reached the top, I reached out for the handle. Shaithi stopped my hand and placed his palm on the door. Again the air rippled, and suddenly a section of the door was entirely transparent.

I instinctively stepped back so the Orcs outside would not see me.

“Don’t worry, it’s one way, it’s a simple charm,” He whispered, as he peered outside to check the coast was clear, “When they dragged me in here, I made sure to log all the escape routes. I was planning to jump over board, but I hoped we would be in safer waters…”

I looked around and immediately recognised our surroundings. The water surrounding us was classed as the Doma Sea, a dangerous sea infested with carnivorous fish that feed on sailors that fall overboard.

“But I also logged a life boat at the rear of the ship, If we can get to that then we can escape,”

I thought for a moment.

“They took my sword,” I said.

“Beg pardon?” Shaithi replied, as the charm on the door faded and returned to it’s opaque wooden state..

“My sword, Hadirin, they have it, I think they took it to the armoury… That’s the opposite side to the life raft…” As I said this, Shaithi drew in breath and sighed.

“Well, I can’t fight off this many Orcs with just Mirisaln here,” Referencing his sword, “looks like we’ll have to detour,”

Outside, the whole top deck was visible, there were about fifteen Orcs in different groups, some chatting in their barbaric tongue, and others working away, pulling ropes and hanging chains.

Shaithi slowly edged the door open, we slid out and ducked behind a few boxes of plunder- which were pieces of bronze and poorly smelted weapons, which the Orcs obviously thought would sell for a high price.

“We cant go over the top deck, unless…” Yet another distortion of the air, and Shaithi was replaced by a monstrous, mean looking Orc.

I scrambled back and kicked out, the Orc grabbed my legs and held me down.

“Calm down, Ashwinn, it’s me!” It whispered loudly, I stopped kicking and looked intently at the Orc. The usually dark grey eyes were a burning green, and the Orc was smaller in stature than average, “It’s a weak charm, it should get us across the ship,”

It was weird being this close to an Orc, even if it was just Shaithi.

“Ready,” He asked, pulling open his ragged Orc jacket and ushering So’mai into it.

He put me into a gentle arm lock and held me close to him, I didn’t have to try hard to look like a prisoner, Shaithi was extremely good at being an Orc.

“Shut it worm!” Shaithi said angrily, the charm didn’t alter his voice, but he did an extremely good impression.

The Sea Bandits didn’t take much notice, I struggled to make it look more realistic, but Shaithi still caught the attention of one bigger than average, light skinned Orc.

   “What do you think you are doing?” The beast asked, grabbing my face and inspecting me.

“Moving this weakling, the Captain wants to see him,” Shaithi’s impression, broke for a second, but the doubtful beast took no notice.

“Captain Marg wants to see him?” Orc’s aren’t known for their intelligence, by the way, “Okay,”

The Orc stepped back and continued the conversation with a, by comparison, fairly ugly Orc. We didn’t stand around for long, Shaithi pulled me across the deck and up the stairs which lead to the stairs to the second deck. Once inside, we found ourselves at the top of two staircases. From the left one we could hear muffled yelling, so decided it would be best to follow the right one. Shaithi released my arm and we descended.

The End

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