Ashwinn Chapter Three


“Shiniith moathh komaiiriath okaii,” Shaithi sang rather tunefully, he had been singing an old Elven song since I had woken that morning, “Where are you from, Ashwin?”

“Erm, Gaelwynd State, Windshill,” I replied, trying to get the infectious tune out of my head.

“Ah Gaelwynd, wonderful, now, what do you say to giving me a bit of that chese and we’ll get ourselves out of these shackles and off this ruddy ship?” Shaithi said.

I was taken aback, if he had some form of escape, why had he waited this long to use it. I handed him the cheese and as he ate he conversed with So’mai in Elven, they both nodded in agreement and Shaithi kicked the jar until it was stood up. So’mai settled himself and nodded again, he shot another beam at the jar. It seemed to float off harmlessly, after a few seconds, Shaithi began to stare intently at the spot that So’mai was singeing, there was a flash of light and the jar broke apart.

He zoomed out and hovered in the cabin for a moment.

“Ah, fresh air, slightly dank and smelly fresh air, but nevertheless, fresh air,” He said, floating over to Shaithi, “Shackles please,”

Shaithi rolled over slightly to reveal his shackles, which were slightly rustier than mine. There was another flash of light and the shackles disintegrated. Shaithi was quickly on his feet and brushing the grime and dust off himself.

“Why has it taken you two this long to free us?” I asked as my shackles were broken.

“I was charging my power, I’ve been on the move for the past few weeks, I was ambushed by a group of Trollkin and taken to the bazaar, the Orcs bought me for a lot less than they could get at the northern bazaars. I needed to rest and eat before I could do anything,” he said, removing his hat and ruffling his scraggly emerald hair, and placing it firmly on his head, “Right then-“

Before he could start, the door to the decks opened and we heard footsteps come down the stairs, when he reached the foot, he saw the three escapees and his eyes opened wide. He immediately drew his sword and ran towards us, he swung at Shaithi first, who sidestepped the beast and turned to him. He, all in one move, removed his hat and threw it in the hair. I watched it, but my eyes seemed to miss something as the air around it distorted and it began to change form.

A long silver blade formed and a twisting green handle that could have been whittled from a tree branch grew at the bottom.

The sword fell and Shaithi caught it with ease, as the Orc turned, it was to late to stop the sword that was plunged through it’s chest. It’s eyes went dead and it’s heavy frame slumped.

“One down, about thirty more rampaging muscle bound monsters left,” Shaithi smiled, removing his sword from the Orc.

The End

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