"I'm Keira." She says to me after I have handed her the bottles. Jim eyes her hungrily. I shoot him a stare that says: Stop perving you old git! He looks back apologetically and shrugs. 

"Ash." I hold out my hand and, setting the bottles down carefully, she grasps it. Her hands are warm and soft, and she is wearing a long-sleeved blue, clingy t-shirt with a rather low neck-line. You can see her cleavage. On her bottom she wears low-slung jeans, but is bare foot. Her long blonde hair falls in waves to her elbows, and she has dimples (must run in the family..) and pretty grey eyes. Her skin is slightly tanned, like mine. 

"And I'm Jim, Ash's social worker." Jim steps in, holding out his arm. I glare at him again. He just gets more and more annoying with every move.. "So how old are you Kiera? You can't be out of Uni yet!" He flirts obviously. Keira either doesn't notice, or chooses to ignore it. She smiles and replies: 

"I'm twenty-three. I got out of art school last year. Now I'm hoping to make myself as a professional artist. But, if that doesn't work, Granny left me a shed load of money in her will!" She jokes, giving a small giggle. "Tea?" She asks Jim. I sigh with relief. Jim hates tea, and always scarpers pretty quickly after it is offered. 

"Er, no, I should be on my way.." He says, as expected. He hands me my case and says to me: "Just give me a bell if you need anything. I'm here for you, champ, remember that."

"Yeah, whatever." I say, lugging my case down the garden path. 

"Well, I'm off, nice to meet you, Keira. Hope you settle in quick, Ash!" Then he is gone, hurrying down the pavement to his car. 

"Old git.." I mutter. Keira giggles, but shushes me, quickly. "What? He is! He tries to be all 'down with the kids' but he really isn't.." I make air quotes around 'down with the kids' and both me and Keira burst out laughing. 

That good feeling just keeps on growing..

The End

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