Lysander and Bastian

Arianne checks the clock as she enters the movie store, 8:45 P.M.; she has to maintain the human facade but reasons with herself that no one of importance would notice if she closes the store a little early. Hurriedly she counts the till, places the money into a bank bag and flings it into the back room safe. Heading for the exit she flips the light switch before stepping out into the street and locking the door behind her. Unice had said the boy was in town, Arianne hadn’t seen or felt him but she wasn’t sure she could distinguish between the aura of Ashlan and the boy. Time would move fast now, Ashlan would celebrate her 18th birthday in less than a week and all the major players would begin jockeying for position. She needed to stay as close to Ashlan as possible now, it was imperative that she bend Ashlan to her will and return to the stone circle of Izusa hidden in the caverns below the Neandar Mountains to release Chanya.

Setting off down the street at a sprint faster than any Gwydion High Student would have expected of her; Arianne made her way toward the woods in search of Ashlan. A manipulative plan began formulating in her mind and determination drove her ever forward.


A group of teens had emerged from the depths and loped slowly toward the fire seeking its warmth. Their unwelcome intrusion had brought an abrupt end to the conversation between Ashlan and Orion, each of them silently acknowledging the subject would come up again in the near future.

With a wave, Ash stood and walked into the trees, “See you later Orion,” she called out over her shoulder. Lost in thought she left the path and began picking her way through the brush, turning the idea of past lives over and over in her mind, and trying to make sense of Orion’s theory of reincarnation. “What task would the gods have set me to?” she asked herself again and again but no answer was made known to her.

Leaves crackled underfoot and ahead she heard the distinct sound of someone moving through the dense foliage. The sound wrenched her from her thoughts. “Hello? Hello? Is Anyone There?” She called out, but her words were snatched up by the wind and no response came. A snap of a twig and the sound of shuffling feet had her standing stone still, cursing herself for her stupidity. She had left her bag and its contents by the fire and was now apparently lost within the wood, alone in the dark, with only the light of the new moon for company.

The sound drew closer and she let out a yelp of fear as an unknown face emerged just a few feet from her own. She only had a moment to take in the sight of his features, before the moon was covered by the clouds once more. His fair skin, a handsome face and the boyish charm of a teen a few years younger than herself was enough to set her mind at ease.

“Hi,” he said, “are you lost out here too?” A sigh of relief washed over Ashlan as the boy smiled at her and extended a hand.

“Yes”, she replied “I am afraid I wasn’t paying too much attention when I left the camp and left my flashlight behind, I’m Ashlan by the way, Ashlan Monnet and you are?”

“Drake, Drake Kamon.” He says “So pleased to make your acquaintance Ashlan”, with that she extends her hand in friendship and he takes hold. His grip on her hand tightens as he pulls her quickly to him. She stumbles forward and he places both hands around her neck. Ash screams again and again, horrified by the unwarranted attack. The strong hands close around her neck with crushing force, all the air gone from her lungs she begins to lose consciousness. She tries to scream one last time but no sound escapes her lips.

Just before everything went black, two boys about her age come crashing through the brush, taking only a second to assess the scene the first takes a swipe at Drake raking him across the face. As Drake moves to protect the wounded area, Ashlan is release and drops to the ground like a discarded sack of potatoes. The second boy lands a punch to the ribs and a kick to the back of the knee taking Drake off his feet. Seeing that his companion has the situation in hand the first boy tends to Ashlan. Holding her head in his lap he checks to make sure that she is breathing and assesses the deep bruises that are beginning to form a make shift collar around her neck. The second boy pummels Drake a few more times, before being kicked in the stomach. He is only down a moment before they once again lock arms and continue to grapple with one another, their eyes filled with loathing they stare one another down, each refusing to yield.

The moon makes its way from behind the clouds Drake’s form begins to shimmer as if vibrating the air around him. A snake like tongue protrudes from his thin lips and tastes the air around him. The second boy pulls away, shocked at what is occurring before his eyes. Drake continues the transformation, reptilian scales form along a body that rest upon short stumpy legs. The man sized dragon lets out a single roar and turns and quickly bolts from the scene. His attacker follows at a run, determined not to let the beast escape his sights.

Ashlan regains consciousness and is alarmed by the unfamiliar person who has placed her within his care. “Easy Now, Honey.” He says “You need to take it easy, don’t move to fast. Did you know that guy? Was he an ex boyfriend or something?”

Ashlan’s head spins as she attempts to answer, “No, No nothing like that, I’ve never seen him before but he said his name was Drake Kamon.”

He was quiet for a moment before responding, “Okay. Well I am Lysander Macardle, I had just jumped the train with my foster brother Sebastian Tasmine when we heard you screaming and came to help. Bastian chased that guy into the woods just before you woke up. Let’s try to get you standing and I’ll take you home. Bastian will be along in a while.”

Ashlan tried to smile “Thanks” she said, “I’m Ashlan, I hope your brother is okay.”

Lysander had to laugh “I’m sure Bastian’s fine, he’s always getting himself into one scrap after another and the other guy always comes out taking the worst of it.”

Using the stars to navigate they moved off toward town. They hadn’t been walking more than five minutes before a familiar voice called out “Lysander, Lysander where are you?”

“Over here little brother, Hurry up I want you to meet someone.” The moon cast shadows on the couple as the last of their little party moved to meet them. At last they were all together and Lysander spoke yet again.“Bastian this is Ashlan.” Arianne broke through the weeds and caught sight of the trio. “Ashlan, my brother Bastian.”

Each extended a hand by way of greeting, “Nice to meet….” The words froze in their mouths as their hands made contact and the moonlight broke free of the trees, illuminating their faces for the first time. Ashlan’s mind reeled; it was him, the boy from her dreams. Arianne stared in disbelief, the two had made contact and the whole forest ached and groaned with the knowledge, the connection these two possessed was one that wouldn’t and couldn’t be denied.

The End

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