Orion MacGowan

Ashlan sat around a roaring fire in the grand expanse that made up the entry of one of the southernmost caves, the one affectionately known as Orion’s Safe House. Orion MacGowan had graduated from Gwydion four years prior. Since then he had made it his business to create a safe place where the teens in Drexel could sleep off whatever mischief they had gotten themselves into without endangering themselves and before returning home to their parents. Orion hosted monthly bonfires at the Safe House, and having gained the trust of Drexel’s youth they looked to him for advice on various matters. 

Throwing yet another log on the fire Orion looked to Ashlan and asked, “No Arianne tonight? Working again?”

Ash gave a sigh and an affirming nod of the head before looking back to the flames.

Most of the party-goers had moved away from the entrance and were now exploring the tunnels and passageways or taking refuge in private alcoves.  Ashlan took the opportunity to speak with Orion whilst they were alone.

“Orion”, she said, “I have dreamed of the mysterious boy every night this week.”

Orion turned and shot her a quizzical look. Not wanting to share the more embarrassing intimate details of the previous night’s dream, Ashlan spoke to him of another. 

“I wore a dress, the top a sleek tight black corset with long flowing ecru colored sleeves, the bottom a red and black plaid long skirt. The length of it knotted high above the knee exposing my left thigh and bare legs allowing me to move freely. I held a weighty sword and looked to the trees surrounding the glade in which I stood. He was on his knees before me, looking up with pleading eyes as tears streamed down his face and splashed upon the rumpled frill of his white shirt. His hands cupped over one another trying to hold back the blood pouring from the enormous gash that exposed his innards. A hound barked in the distance preceded by eerily haunting howl. I scanned the clearing and saw nothing, then another bark closer this time. The boy desperately reached out to me, as blood sputtered from his mouth but he held fast to my clothing and made an attempt to speak, seemingly demanding my attention. However before an understandable word was uttered he lost his grip, and fell into death. In despair, I screamed and the beast answered, it was upon me now there was time to run. It stood on the other side of the clearing, its shaggy dark green matted fur stank of rotten meat while it’s glowing red eyes stared transfixed upon me as it circled the circumference of the glade. I nervously switched the sword from hand to hand keeping the Cu Sith within my sights when suddenly he pounced and I awoke screaming. “

Orion sat in silence as the moments passed, then he looked back to Ashlan and asked “What do you think it means?”

Ashlan was astonished by his question, “What does it mean? It doesn’t mean anything it’s just a stupid dream!”

Orion chuckled in response to her frustrated rant and she glared at him. He smiled and replied “Ash if you really thought that then you would not have sat here staring into the firelight for forty five minutes waiting to get me alone to tell me about it. Your dreams are always tied to the same boy; do you really believe that other people dream of people they do not know every night? And that each night that someone they dream about is the same person costumed in different eras of dress? Ashlan there is something about this, it reeks of destiny; your life and the life of this boy are intertwined somehow.”

Ashlan sighed and grimaced but said nothing so Orion continued on.

“I don’t understand it but I can think of only one explanation. There are persons within in the intellectual community who believe that in special circumstances reincarnation does occur. These select few persons who are chosen by the gods for this honor, they are set a task they must complete in order to maintain balance and harmony upon Epsilon. When these special people die without completing their task their soul is transferred to that of a newborn baby and they must spend their new life attempting to fulfill the task at which they failed. These theology experts believe that DNA holds memories of information about an individual so in their new lives these people may be perceptive to experiences related to their past lives in dreams, meditation and unconscious states of mind.”

“What the heck are you talking about Orion?” Ash nearly shouted.

Orion raised an eyebrow at her, “Well Ash, do you believe in past lives?” 

The End

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