Chanya, The Elder

Telltale alarm swept through of Arianne’s features. She had not forsaken her abilities, lived the life of a once orphaned human and been confined to Drexel the past three years to have her plan go awry now. For fifteen years prior she had searched the whole of Epsilon before coming close enough to feel the pull shared only by their kind. Once the influence took hold it had guided her to Drexel and finally to the human one now called Ashlan.

She had thought Ashlan was well hidden, safely tucked away in this sleepy little valley town. There had been no sightings of the boy, nor had she encountered any other Seraph’s. She had Ashlan to herself for a long time, slowly gaining her trust and becoming a loyal friend. If things continued to go in her favor she may have been able to manipulate Ashlan to her advantage and break the cycle, but this was no longer an option. The Fates were involved now and that meant parties from both sides would be making an appearance soon. She needed more information and she was going to get it.


The force of the blow turned Unice’s head, and left the skin on the left side of her face red and hot. The smile left her lips, and she turned back to Arianne thin lipped and glaring defiantly.

Arianne spoke with slow authority and leaned in threateningly, “What do The Fates want with Ashlan? And why are they having you keep tabs on the boy?”

When Unice refused to answer, three rows of wings unfurled from the back of Arianne, cocooning Unice within them.

Seeing no chance for escape and knowing none within the ranks of the Seraph’s or The Fates themselves cared enough to lend her aid, Unice began to speak. “The balance between light and dark hangs on the point of a pendulum. The Fates are watching many threads of possibility. Some are highly unlikely; however the outcomes of many can be swayed by the strong and powerful. The girl and boy were seen by The Fates as the key to tipping the balance and gaining control. The Fates will never interfere directly, but are being used by Zealous in an attempt to find a way to destroy the elder Chanya forever.”

Arianne boomed with rage, “How! How does he intend to bring his plan to fruition?”

Unice shook her head, “I do not know.”

At this Arianne sighed and as if in conversation with herself expressed her thoughts aloud “Of course she would not know, Zealous would never confide in a mere shade, no matter how loyal and Unice is loyal to no one but herself.”

The fire in her eyes dies out as her feathered wings find their way into the folds of her skin and disappear. With a contemptuous sneer cast upon her face, Arianne leans in close and whispers in Unice’s ear, “Go to hell!” She then turns her back on the now insignificant lackey and walks swiftly through the alley and back into the store.

Chanya had been Arianne’s best friend. Arianne had vowed to remain at her side and fight, but her services were needed elsewhere and unwittingly Chanya had sent her away. The attack came swiftly, the night carrying the multitudes amassed behind the Darke God Zealous. Though strong, Chanya had been separated from the other seraphs during the battle and greatly paid for her opposition. Arianne could not forgive herself for the loss of her friend, but now that she had gained Ashlan’s trust she hoped … hoped she could make a difference.

The End

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