Unice The Shade

Ashlan shuffled along the streets of Drexel, the comforting aroma of freshly baked bread wafted through the air, settled her thoughts and put her at peace. She passed the hardware store and the butchers before knocking twice on the large poster filled windows of the movie store. Arianne smiled and raised a hand in acknowledgement. Disappointed Arianne would not share the evening’s revelry; Ashlan mouthed an apologetic “sorry.” before moving on toward the end of town and the silent wood that lay beyond.

Arianne watched her go; then turned just in time to catch the shadowy movements of a figure concealed behind the large wooden Indian statue that stood at the front of her least favorite store, Tobacco and Snuff. She observed the shape for a few moments as it slowly made its way down the block doing its best to remain hidden.

A rogue street light flickered and briefly illuminated the features of a young girl, her face screwed up in concentration. As the girl made her way passed the movie store a hand shot out and took hold of her, yanking her into the alley and out of sight. The girl’s body crashed painfully into the wall while a hand grasp tightly around her throat. Gasping for breath colored lights popped before her eyes.

She drew her hands to her throat and clawed away, desperately trying to dislodge herself from her attackers vice like grip. The hold loosened and as her eyes came back into focus, the face boring into hers was frightening and twisted with rage. Steely grey eyes burned deep with an intense fire while coal black hair stood on end flowing in the wind cackling and cracking with electricity.

“You!” screamed her adversary.

“A…Ari…Arianne,” she managed to squeak out, “I, I was just…”

Arianne squeezed and cut her words off in her throat. “What are you doing here, Unice?” Arianne spat at her. “You’re not welcome here. You have caused Chanya enough trouble, stay away from the girl. Leave Ashlan alone, or you’ll pay for it, I swear.”

Unice cast her eyes to the ground, a smile playing on her lips. “The three fates sent me to watch the boy and report to them, I cannot go.”

Arianne’s eyes grew wide giving away her initial surprise, she quickly composed herself.

Knowing that she had given Arianne cause for concern and wanting to keep herself from harm Unice continued, “The boy is already here, Arianne. There is nothing that you can do to stop it now”. She laughed a hauntingly hollow laugh. “The girls eighteenth birthday approaches and now that they are close they will be drawn to each other and the never-ending scene will play out once again”.

The End

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